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Kroenke Aiming For Total Autonomy At Arsenal And Only One Man Holds The Key To Our Club’s Future Now

Arsenal Kroenke

The situation at Arsenal is like reading the pages of an elaborate thriller. Firstly, at Arsenal there is the dominant French manager who is reluctant to give up his control at the club. Secondly, there is a conniving American owner who wants to buy out a stubborn Russian shareholder. Thirdly, there

Is Mkhitaryan An Expensive Toy Whom Emery Has Opened Without The Manual ?


This year we saw the departure of the long time fan favourite Alexis Sanchez and to fill his boots came the Armenian, Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Manchester United in a very rare swap deal. The far wide midfielder hasn't yet started for Arsenal but in the matches he was subbed in, he

Arsenal Squad For The Europa League Game Against Vorslka And What To Expect

Europa League, Vorskla

The closest Arsenal had come to win a European competition was when they were beaten by Barcelona in Champions League final back in 2006 and when Atletico Madrid edged over them last season in the Europa Leaguesemi-final. And they go again as the Londoners face FC Vorskla in their first

Mesut Ozil May Never Become The New Dennis Bergkamp But That’s Quite Alright

Bergkamp and Ozil

It’s been argued many times before, that Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil is in the same class as club legend, Dennis Bergkamp. Just how these comparisons come about is a bit of a mystery, but we live in world where labels are necessary and where someone is always the ‘new‘ this or

Would Luis Enrique Have Been A Much More Astute And Successful Choice Than Emery ?

Luis Enrique

With Spain’s change of fortunes under new manager Luis Enrique, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask if Enrique would have been the better option to transform a tired and disjointed Arsenal side, rather than Unai Emery. Those that wanted Arsene Wenger out have had to deal with the reality of that decision. So

Demystifying The Actual Reason Behind The Possible Departure Of Ivan Gazidis


Arsenal CEO, Ivan Gazidis is rumoured to be on AC Milan’s wanted list, but this has already been dispelled as fantasy from inside the club. In July, Chairman Sir Chips Keswick, who sounds like a character from a Dickens novel said, Not by Arsenal fans though, Kesqick! The fact is that when Arsene

The Man Who Can Trigger the Rise of Rashford and How

Marcus Rashford

You can have talented individuals in a team without them being able to convert that potential into a match winning side. England have had that same recurring problem over the years. They’ve had lots of talented players that were unable to knit together to progress or win tournaments, Lampard and Gerrard are

Code cracked: Mourinho’s 2 Greatest Weapons and Their Perfect Usage

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been struggling lately with two defeats in their first four games of the season, United find themselves at 10th place behind Arsenal in league table. Although it is too early in the season to get bothered by the club's position but United has to

Aaron Ramsey Needs To Sign A New Contract Or Else Simply Leave

Ramsey new contract arsenal

It’s time for Arsenal to stop being nice, time for them to stop allowing players to drag out contract negotiations in the hope of a better deal or counter offer from another club. According to sources, Ramsey’s agent has been provided with two improved deals to extend his contract which ,

Zidane Will Not Be Replacing Jose Mourinho And This Is Why


Manchester United chief Ed Woodward has reportedly decided to stick with Jose Mourinho despite Zinedine Zidane flirting with the Old Trafford job. Manchester United’s sluggish start to the new season has seen talk arise that Zidane may replace Mourinho at Old Trafford. The Red Devils already sit six points behind Premier