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WATCH : One of the Greatest Golazos of all Time | Flying Dutchman vs Spain 2014

Robin Van Persie vs Spain (2014, Brazil) The opening match of Group B saw Netherland against defending champions Spain. With stalwarts present in the both the sides this proved to be a mouthwatering clash. But Spain failed to emulate their success losing 1-5 .Spain dominated the first half with a penalty from Alonso . The breakthrough for the Dutch came in the 43rd Minute from Vaan Persie. http://Embed from Getty Images A Flying header from just inside the box saw the ball past Casillas into the goal..As they saying goes Great Clashes provides great moments,“The Flying Dutchman” scored once in a life time goal against Spain. : Relive the Full highlights of that Magnificent header from the Flying Dutchman :
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