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4 things Arsenal should be rightfully condemned for doing in the transfer market

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Arsenal’s summer transfer business was an utter shambles. They were indecisive, dithered, delayed and ultimately, fell further behind their title rivals. Here are four mistakes for which Arsenal must be condemned.

Despite being linked with a host of players over the entire summer including the likes of Thomas Lemar, Jonny Evans, Jean Michael Seri, they eventually ended up bringing in only two new players and mostly weakening the squad by selling players like Gabriel, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Wojciech Szczesny and Keiran Gibbs.

When arsenal finally finished outside the top four last season after years of trying, you could have been mistaken for thinking that perhaps along with the entirety of the fan base and former players, the board could also manage to see the evident shortcomings in the current squad and might finally try to rectify that in the summer by buying needed and quality players in positions where we certainly need an upgrade if not depth.

Clearly depth is not something that we needed in this window with Arsenal losing their heads about the huge numbers of players in the wage bills and then going on to struggle in managing to offload the right players with the right efficiency.

If you thought bringing in a proven goalscoring forward and a Bundesliga player of the season left back would be enough to plug in all the holes in this Arsenal squad, you haven’t been following us well enough.

Here are the 4 mistakes in the transfer market for which Arsenal should be condemned :

Arsenal selling off Gabriel –

A solid defence is the bedrock of a title winning team and that is something which Arsene knows very well.

Having managed the likes of Sol Campbel, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Steve Bould and Tony Adams during the golden period of his reign, Arsene Wenger certainly knows the importance of having world class defenders in order to win the title.

Certainly Gabriel does not fall in that category but after shifting to a back three Gabriel did turn out to be one of our most consistent performers with his experience of playing at right back and centre back doing him good in his new role.

Gabriel, Arsenal
Image obtained via Arsenal Station

In the likely scenario of an injury to either Koscielny or Mustafi, having Gabriel in the team is certainly more of an assurance than either Holding or Chambers. It bewilders me to think that Arsene Wenger feels Holding or Chambers is a better option to call upon than the experienced and adept Brazilian.

Gabriel, Arsenal
Top 5 fastest centre backs in the Premeir League

His selling off has more to do with the financial side than the footballing side of things as it clearly seems that when unable to move on any other player he accepted the idea of letting him go when an offer from Valencia came.

Doing that has definitely jeopardized Arsenals depth at back and has left them with having to call upon a couple of England Under 21 players to replace a couple of French and German Internationals.

 Arsenals dithering cost them Thomas Lemar :

If you have been following Arsenal this summer you will know just how many times Wenger has tried to tell us that Alexis is not for sale even if he leaves for free next season.

The fact that Lemar is a player that Wenger likes but values him at only around £50 million Pounds having bid three times for him before Deadline day is also something that is known to us all.

Thomas Lemar, Arsenal
Image obtained via the daily mail

He went to announce that the deal was dead because AS Monaco refused to do business and that seemed to be the end of it

Until Deadline Day arrived and : 

Apparently Arsenal had a £90 million bid rejected for a certain prodigious french man named Thomas Lemar while being resigned to the departure of their star player Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City in a £60 million deal.

If that is something that you had in mind over the entire summer, wouldn’t you prefer to do it over the entire two months of summer rather than get it over the line miraculously in 24 hours.

Arsenal will survive without Sanchez, even if we suffer for a months after his departure we will live because big name departures are nothing new to us. As long as you dont replace an Adebayor with a Chamakh it will eventually work out for us.

So if Arsenal could really accept the idea of Sanchez leaving and having Thomas Lemar as his replacement on deadline day why couldn’t they start the process a month ot two back.

Be indecisive, dither over whether a player is worth that kind of money, worry about losing you star player and surviving and what you get is a stagnated and sluggish squad that we have right now at Arsenal FC.

 Arsenal not focusing on adding a central midfielder :

If a blind fan came and watched Arsenals glorious loss against Liverpool the one thing he/she would have come to know for sure from the match was the fact that Arsenal had an nonexistent central midfield on the pitch.

Ramsey looked lost and had probably entered the pitch by mistake and Xhaka felt he was more of a spectator as watched the Liverpool midfield bypass him the entire match.

Image obtained by espn fc.

When comparing with our title challengers for this season there are players like Kante, Matic, Toure, Mousa Dembele in other teams. Did Arsene Wenger really feel from the match that either Ramsey or Xhaka was our answer to these midfield engines.

Even David Ornstein revealed that Wenger wanted to alter his central midfield options.

Given that the other options are the inconsistent Elneny, one dimensional Francis Coquelin and the fragile Jack Wilshere its so surprise that even Wenger felt the need to do something about it.

But alas we are the Arsenal, unable to learn from the excruciatingly obvious mistakes of the past and gloriously hoping to find internal solutions or for things magically working out by themselves.

Arsenal almost selling Shkodran Mustafi :

Why Arsene Why ? 

Why would any manager consider selling Shkordan Mustafi after the season hes had with us and the National Team.

Arsenals defence was all over the place in the last three games, Mustafi is a budding world class defender, tough tackling no nonsense kinda guy who plays with passion and determination every time hes on the pitch. He brings the fear factor back to our back line with his style of play which is absent in all our defenders except The Kos

Arsenal, Shkodran Mustafi
Image obtained via

So does it make sense that Arsenal preferred to sell him and bring on Jonny Evans as his replacement.

Mustafi may have had some rough patches and was even a panic buy no denying that.

But is Jonny Evans better than him ? Does he deserve to be sold after just a season and be replaced by some West Brom player ?

Hell no because Mustafi is a damn good player something which Wenger surely realized when he made him a record signing for a defender.

After having sold Gabriel who is feel is better than Evans, why on earth would Arsenal consider selling him or prefer Rob Holding or Nacho Monreal in the back line in place of him.

Instead of wasting time over trying to maneuver a deal to send him packing, spending that time and energy in trying to land a world class midfielder or an Alexis Sanchez replacement would have been a hell lot better use of resources in my opinion.

Do you agree with the points we have picked up over here ?

Share your thoughts on Arsenals mistakes in the transfer window in the section below


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