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Going Backwards:- Arsenal are now in the Market for the Cast offs of Premier League Clubs

Adam Lallana, Arsenal interested in Lallana

The news that Arsenal are allegedly considering a move for Adam Lallana is hard to swallow for any Gunners fan.
He’s a reasonable player for sure, but if he’s not good enough for the Premier League leaders why should he be good enough for Arsenal ?

It’s even more annoying when you consider that the North London club had to lose the excellent Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain, who has proved once and for all that Arsene Wenger did nothing to improve the young players potential.

Adam Lallana is 31 and isn’t about to be part of the long term picture of any club, but he is going to become a free agent at the end of the season and one can only assume that his purchase is attractive for that reason. Such a clumsy dealing that even punters in the world of sports betting are barely bothered about his next club.

Fans I’ve spoken to are angry that Arsenal are now seen as a second hand car dealer in a league full of luxury cars. Scrappy loan deals, clumsy ill considered free transfers, player swaps and Argos style credit agreements are now Arsenal’s forte.

How much more embarrassing can things get and yet, we were promised so much prior to the move to the Emirates. The whole point of the relocation from Highbury was to join Europe’s elite and generate revenue that would bring the best players in the world to London. In truth we were sold a monumental lie, one which has left a sour taste in the mouth of every supporter who has had to witness every other team in the top six leave us behind.


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Adam Lallana is just another deal that smacks of savings and cheap alternatives. If he were to be a success at the Emirates, it would just encourage the board to look on the sale rail every season. Is this what Arsenal have become ?

Lallana has played three times for Liverpool this season, their most successful for nearly thirty years. They’ve achieved that without him, hardly an endorsement to secure his services, even on a free transfer. So can someone please tell me who’s place he is going to take ? Exactly !

Stay Tuned to know more!

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