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Arsenal’s Favourite Radio Parasite Plays Down The Aubameyang Deal

Aubameyang, Durham

Adrian Durham, a Phillip Seymour Hoffman lookalike without the charisma, is once again engaging in his favourite past time ‘Baiting Arsenal fans!’ Durham, an outspoken radio presenter who never has anything positive to say about the North London side, has mocked the re-signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after the player said he wanted to become an Arsenal legend.

Durham, whose listeners are comprised of Tottenham fans and family members, derided the hot-shot for remaining at Arsenal to cement his legacy. This comes from a man who found no room for Dennis Bergkamp in his top five Dutch players in the Premier League ……yes, exactly!!

Adrian Durham questioned Aubameyang’s ambition claiming he should have mentioned winning the Premier League or Champions League. He then continued with his assault on the legendary theme:

“Being an Arsenal legend you’ve got a lot of work to do to get anywhere near Tony Adams or Thierry Henry’s levels.”

His resident Gargoyle and co-presenter, Darren Gough, chipped in by saying:

“No one else was willing to pay what Arsenal are paying him. What does that tell you!”

Both are certainly ignorant of the fact that Barcelona had made an inquiry about the striker and it’s rumoured that two other top-flight clubs were interested in developments. Aubameyang could have gone anywhere – Fact!

Without question, he would have received the same wage at any club lucky enough to secure his services. Does Durham think that Manchester United would have turned down the chance to sign Aubameyang? He’s a massive upgrade on every striker they possess. Would Manchester City have declined his services? Of course not, he would have fitted in immediately without question.

Chelsea have purchased Timo Werner but if Aubameyang had been available, Lampard would have been stupid to not place a bid. Jurgen Klopp doesn’t exactly need another striker but he knows Aubameyang’s worth and would acknowledge that the Gabon striker could walk into any side on the planet.

Aubameyang, Durham
(Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Durham is someone who enjoys constantly offending others to fill up his phone-ins and it appears Arsenal supporters are willing to waste time and money to indulge him in his ill-conceived comments. Arsenal fans have become an easy touch for opinionated presenters as they search for prickly and ultra-sensitive Gooners to alienate. It’s now considered a sport.

Let’s be clear, the Aubameyang deal is the best deal of the summer, at a time when Arsenal and Mikel Arteta needed a boost on the back of two trophy successes. It was imperative that they secured his signature going forward and it sends out a clear message that Arsenal are building something that is potentially very special.

No one should be too bothered about the comments of a radio presenter, whose career is based purely on bias and his ability to infuriate. These types of second-rate failed journalists that can’t get a job on mainstream TV or credible radio stations, are ten a penny and their opinions count for little.

Aubameyang is on record as saying that he is a goal scorer first and foremost and that his craft and personal happiness are as important to him as the accolades that come with success, although he still craves the usual silverware that a talent such as his rightly deserves.

If I were an Arsenal player, being a club legend would be an incredibly important accolade and that achievement would be etched in the memory of fans for a lifetime and beyond. Tony Adams hasn’t kicked a ball in anger since 2002, but his name is as relevant now as it was back in his heyday. He is immortalised outside the Emirates as are Bergkamp and Henry. They are part of the fabric and history of the club and even if some supporters didn’t have the privilege of seeing them play, they know them and revere them.


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Football moves on, teams change, trophies become frozen moments in the time and are consigned to the history books, but the status of legend is important as it is desirable. Aubameyang doesn’t lack ambition, he has bucked a trend of the self-serving footballer who runs off to seek baubles elsewhere. He has the character to want to be an essential part of a long term project.

In this case, the restoration and elevation of Arsenal and I’ll be only too happy to reprint this should Arsenal win one of the trophies that Durham seems to think should define the obvious talent of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Durham’s fishing expeditions are as tiresome as his droning voice and blinkered opinions. As my Grandmother once said – “He’s got a face for radio!”

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