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Why Andreas Pereira Could Get The Ultimate Breakthrough Of His Career This Season

Andreas Pereira

Since the return of Andreas Pereira from a two-year loan away from Manchester United, it has become clear that he is set to have a major impact on United.

Andreas Pereira spent two consecutive loan spells in Spain: Granada and Valencia. However, this year Jose Mourinho insisted on keeping the Brazilian in his squad and as of now, he seems to be pretty much useful.

Andreas Pereira Set to Make His United Breakthrough:

Even though Luke Shaw took the man-of-the-match award after scoring his first senior goal during Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat of Leicester on Friday 10th August, Jose Mourinho could not allow his post-match interview come to an end without praising another of Manchester United’s rising stars. Mourinho stated that he did not want to end the interview without first mentioning Andreas Pereira:

“He is a right-winger at Valencia that spent the season on the bench.”

“From the bench at Valencia as a right-winger where he was almost considered something of an underdog he comes to Old Trafford as the No 6 and played a phenomenal match.”

With such high praise to his name, it’s no surprise that Pereira is expected to make an incredible impact on the United team in the upcoming Premier League season.

Pereira Excelled Against Leicester:

Even though Andreas Pereira is accustomed to playing in a more advanced role, he displayed an impressive defensive game in his full Premier League debut against Leicester City, making 5 interceptions and recovering possession of the ball a total of 11 times – better numbers than anyone else on the field.

However, it was Pereira’s passing which made the biggest impression and held the largest impact. During his performance in the holding role, Pereira was able to play ambitiously and was the only United player to pass to each of the other 10 men on the starting line-up.

Initial Disappointment at Pereira’s Two Year Loan:

There is, however, a back-story to Mourinho’s pointed reference to Pereira’s time on the bench during his online betting popular season-long loan to Valencia – a loan which Mourinho never wanted in the first place. At the time Mourinho stated that:

“It was a personal decision that I don’t agree with, a decision I don’t think honestly it is the best decision for him, a decision that disappoints me.”

Mourinho spoke publicly about the fact that he would’ve preferred Pereira to stay at Old Trafford and fight for a position and further opportunities within the United team, but that Pereira’s decision to leave could be seen as a young player wanting the opportunity to play every weekend

Invaluable Experience Gained:

However, the experience gained by Andreas Pereira will ultimately benefit Manchester United in the long run. Andreas Pereira started 12 games in La Liga in the previous season, was involved in a further 11, and he had the opportunity to work alongside Marcelino García Toral whose ‘incredible attention to detail’ made a major impression on him. Pereira also contributed greatly in Valencia’s qualification for the Champions League.

Andreas Pereira was encouraged to go on loan to Granada in the 2016/17 season owing to the time spent on the bench under Louis van Gaal in the 2015/2016 season. Now that he’s returned to Old Trafford, the 22-year old Brazilian has spoken plainly about his desire for “clarity” within the Manchester United team and there are hopes that he will be given a regular role in the team. As Ander Herrera once said:

“He will become a very important player for many years to come.”

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