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Arsenal’s Identity Crisis – The Old, the new or the Basic : Which Badge Best Represents the Club

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When Arsenal’s old badge was reinvented in 2002, it changed from a Gothic style typeface with the westward facing cannon and the Borough of Islington’s coat of arms with ermine, to a slick modern Arsenal badge minus the club motto Victoria Concordia Crescit (Victory Grows Through Harmony) which left many fans understandably upset.

The logo had been a feature of some of their most iconic shirts and many associated it with special periods in their lives. The sleek lines of the new Arsenal badge fitted the way the Gunners want to be perceived, as a progressive club looking to the future but many fans have never grown to truly love it.

For those who can go back further, a simple cannon represented the club on its traditional red and white kit and yellow with a blue trim away strip. It didn’t need the name of the club or a motto, it was simple, beautiful and is now considered a classic.

The lone cannon will be forever associated with the 1970/71 double-winning side that beat Liverpool in the FA Cup final thanks to a scorching 25 yard shot from the mesmeric Charlie George.

Image obtained via – She wore a yellow ribbon


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The 1979 FA Cup final shirt had the cannon with three cannonballs with the A, F, C and conjures up Liam Brady’s masterclass against Manchester United.

So given the choice out of these, which Arsenal badge do you prefer? Which symbolises the best of the club and should be on the Arsenal shirt?

Let us know.

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