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Why Arsenal now have their best chance to knock Athletico Madrid out

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Arsene Wenger during his pre West Ham Press conference has suggested that Mikhitaryan might be back in the team next week against for the all important clash vs Atletico Madrid.[spacer height=”30px”]

Mikhitaryan has been one of our most consistent and efficient players on the pitch since his move from Manchester United to Arsenal in January. A fierce determination to prove himself combined with an immaculate natural play making abilites in a team historically designed to bring out the best of their offensive players, Mikhitaryan has fully flourished in his new surroundings.[spacer height=”30px”]

Being sidelined and ignored for key matched during the last few months of his stay in Manchester, Mikhitaryan has seemed like a man on a mission with his performances for Arsenal and despite our poor situation in the League once again its the Europa League which has seemed to have unlocked a hidden reservoir of talent inside the player.[spacer height=”30px”]

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Against AC Milan over the two legs, Mikhitaryan’s combination play with Mesut Ozil and admirable creativity had been the key behind unlocking the stubborn and undefeated AC milan defense over the two legs. His counter attacking displays, inch perfect forward passed inside the opposition half is exactly what has propelled us this far in the Europa League.[spacer height=”30px”]

Here is the latest update from Wenger about Mikhitaryan :[spacer height=”30px”]

“Mkhitaryan is running again,”[spacer height=”30px”]

He has to progress in the next three of four days to see how much intensity he can have in his training sessions. Next Thursday is the earliest date for his return.”[spacer height=”30px”]

With Wenger now in his last season officially, it seems the time has come for the players to unite and provide their long serving manager the ultimate sending off he deserves with an European Cup victory.[spacer height=”30px”]

There are no words to describe the feeling that any one who has ever deeply loved the club feels now knowing that the man who has defined the club and basically made it what is it will now no longer be there from the next season onwards.[spacer height=”30px”]

Providing this final but extremely needed flourish for Arsene is what will surely weigh down on every players mind when they take the center stage on Thursday against Atletico Madrid. They know what they have to do, they know why they have to win and they surely know how to win.[spacer height=”30px”]

Thank You Arsene ; End of an Era as Arsene is set to Retire…

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All the tributes, accolades, honourable gestures and mesmerizing testimonials about this great that are now coming in when he himself has decided to end his love story with this beautiful club will be important and worthy of notice in his great mind only if his team does what they now really need to do. Its football he breathes and its football which needs to provide him the ultimate tribute by allowing him to leave with his head held high.[spacer height=”30px”]

He will hopefully have the services of his best players available with Mikhitaryan, Ramsey and Wilshere all fit and available for Thursday. On to the final and the last hurray for one of the greatest managers ever to have graced the British soil.[spacer height=”30px”]

Merci Arsene

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  1. It is a great feeling words can’t describe.papa Wenger you will always be remembered.Thanks for the great job you have done for our darling club.Good luck and God be with you

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