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Arsenal board Need to Inject Cash to Support Arteta or They Might as Well Accept a Mid Table Position Every Year

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I don’t care how they do it and neither do you, but the Arsenal board has to invest properly this summer if they have any chance of challenging for top honours. Forget this self-sustaining model that they verbally peddle out regularly to justify their miserly ways, the fans are tired of it.

I dare say I’ll get some highfalutin accountant within the fan base to tell me the ins and outs of business but I’m not that interested if I’m entirely honest. Arteta has an idea of what side he and Edu are creating and I don’t doubt that there are at least four or five players on that particular shopping list and its high time the Kroenke’s and Arsenal board of yes men stopped talking about support and started showing it, with hard cash.

As it stands Arsenal have a better likelihood of getting relegated than finishing within the top 4 organically this season. According to some of the biggest bookmakers online like the leroijohnny casino en ligne, mid table clubs like West Ham, Everton and Leicester have a better likelihood of finishing within the Europa league places than Arsenal. If this stark reality doesn’t wake people up at the Board level then what will. 

They’ll make money back from sales which are inevitable in the closed season as the Spanish boss rids the team of more surplus stock bugs, there will be a shortfall because Arsenal players on the whole don’t have the same resale value as some other clubs.

Wenger’s knack of buying cheap and selling for extortionate amounts died some years ago, as we went for the cheap without the quality to maintain a top-four slot. The quality diminished but the buying price went up and £35m bought you a Shkodran Mustafi or Granit Xhaka.

Both will not recoup their original fee and it’s one of many reasons that Arsenal have found themselves a fading force with a failing team. Both aren’t awful players but are they at a level that will win the Champions League or Premier League? Sadly not, although Xhaka has looked better with Partey, he still has the type of unlearnable faults that will impinge on a team’s progress.

I’m not blaming those two players for the current situation, in a way they are victims of a collective failure within the club, but I doubt if City Sold Sterling or Liverpool sold Salah, either club would be out of pocket. On the flip side, the CIES Football Observatory, according to, have claimed that Bukayo Saka is the 15th most valuable player in Europe.

The website’s algorithm believes that Saka is currently worth €116.2million (£105.11m), which is more than Tottenham captain Harry Kane (€107m) and Bayern Munich forward Serge Gnabry (€103.3m). Add to that the potential worth of Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli, who are rather conservatively valued at £13m and £19.8m respectively, the combined total is £137.8m.


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That’s all well and good but it’s now about retaining their services, increasing their value, and adding to the squad. It’s not rocket science that a player in a successful side is going to be worth more than one in a struggling side that’s continuously fighting relegation or is stuck in mid-table and although Arsenal’s owner might choke at the thought of spending around £180m in the summer, it would be a wise long term investment.

It’s time for the Arsenal board to dig deep and please don’t mention the recent spending, that was some 12 years overdue. Loosen the ermine purse strings Stan and back your manager.

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