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The Curious Case of a Captain in Islington

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With nearly 3 major captain armband changes in the last three years, the Gunners are feeling the pinch of a leader in the field. It started with Mikel Arteta’s retirement, followed by Mertesacker hanging his boots and finally Koscielny’s Achilles injury. As per the reports of Arsenal’s medical team the Frenchman is expected to return to training in November, but until then Emery has decided to go with experience and has given the baton to Petr Cech.

Cech was in the fray of 4 possible captains which had likes of Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey to backup Koscielny. Cech seemed a logical choice. He has donned the captain’s armband for Czech Republic for a short period of time with decent results and is the most experienced player in the current Arsenal roster. But after a terrible start with losses to Manchester City and Chelsea F.C. there are some doubts.

His fitness when compared with that of the time he was in Chelsea, is a stark ominous contrast to his current state in Arsenal FC. His weight and age issues go back to last year with Wenger. He hasn’t had a clean sheet in the 4 games played till now and honestly with the current plight of Arsenal’s defense, it’s doubtful to expect a clean sheet this week with Leicester City. Bernd Leno’s presence in the camp feeds the reporters questions of his presence in the lineup.

This pressure is surely affecting his performance and in my opinion the captain’s armband only adds to his burden.

He should probably play in half the games in the following fixtures until he gets his mojo back and captaincy is a faraway dream.

Now who else would be an apt choice for the armband? Emery’s choice after Cech was the Welshman Aaron Ramsey and honestly I think it’s about time he becomes the captain.

His contract renewal was with the hint of captaincy and he hasn’t done a bad job of being at the helm for a few line games at the end of last season. Wales national team prior to Coleman did a neat job under Ramsey and rumors are that he might take up the job again. With 27 years of age and 11 years at Arsenal (with the exception of two loans) Aaron Ramsey fits the gig perfectly.

Hasn’t had any drifts with Wenger nor been a prey for media gossip; subtly but consistently increased his legend like status in Arsenal and among fans.

The one thing which makes me ooze respect for him is that he is among the rare breed of players who puts the team in front of everything.

Has always been a constant presence in the lineup except in 2010 due to the leg injury, won 3 FA Cups and 2 Community Shields, was the Arsenal Player of the Season 2017-18. The last fact casts away any doubts on his fitness and his performance in most of the matches rarely allows people to be criticising him for it. 

The Amazing Insights Lacazette And Aubameyang Playing Up Front Have Given To Us

For Arsenal to succeed this season; Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan should get the chemistry they had back in Borrusia Dortmund, all the while integrating Lacazette in the attack. This is definitely going to put a lot of pressure on Ramsey and the midfield who are all being perturbed with the non existent Arsenal defense at the moment. Yet I can’t think of anyone else in my mind who prove to be the fulcrum of team and adapt to a completely new forward line whose players didn’t even join the team until an year ago.

Finally to rest my case, I am going to add in an observation made by a few others which I strongly stand with.

Since this is his last year of contract and his talks of near extension of contract all throughout the last year was nothing less than a nail biting thriller and occasionally quite troubling for us, why shouldn’t Aaron Ramsey be rewarded with captaincy to simply shut out any and every doubt of his transfer?

He is the hero that Arsenal deserves and needs right now. He is the silent ball keeper, watchful marksman and the knight in red and white.


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