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Arsenal a Club in Chaos- Part one:- Someone needs to be Held Accountable for This Mess


The gloves are off, it’s finally got to me and I’m done with trying to be reasonable and objective. Arsenal have completely written off this season after just 13 games, not even halfway through the campaign.

Emery of course is the man in the firing line but his appointment was a fairly quick affair at the hand of the dark Lord, Ivan Gazidis, who is a non-football man and is a perfect example of what you get with people who aren’t in love or in tune with the game….failure.

Yes, Emery’s record looked good but did they look into him as an individual, consider why he was leaving PSG and how he got into a spat with Neymar ? Of course not.

He was judged at the interview on what he knew about Arsenal, it’s players and the academy. He blew kisses to the receptive audience and did a fair amount of showboating about the ‘history’ of the club.

Which is a bit like a pretty girl fluttering her eyelids in your direction whilst at the bar. You buy her a drink only to be informed that her mum is her chaperone and is currently in the nearby toilets.

Emery’s interview was all superficial nonsense that in football terms meant nothing and Emery’s failure this season is just as much the boards. Gazidis was clever enough to drop the bomb before heading off for bigger money and that’s all he’s ever been interested in to be fair.

He’s never shown passion or interest, his soul was acquired for a salary and he delivered nothing in his entire time at Arsenal. But those that manage to skulk away in the shadows are far worse, those that point the finger and run away are far more despicable than those who have no intention of disguising what they are.

I think one of the reasons Wenger was so devastated to leave was the fact that he knew what he was leaving behind but also who he was leaving it to. Say what you like about the Frenchman but he loved his club, that was never in doubt.

We published a blog in April entitled Arsenal’s Success Or Failure This Season Will Be Shared With The New Management Structure Under Raul And Vinai which suggested at the time that Emery had loosened the noose around the necks of Sanllehi, Venkatesham and Kroenke, but with failure comes a price and it’s the coach that takes the bullet rather than those that are more deserving.

The Arsenal board bought themselves an egg laying goose, only to find out it can’t actually produce the goods. Someone has to take responsibility and we aren’t talking about the goose, who never asked to be purchased in the first place.

I also did another article in July that questioned the appointment of Raul Sanlleh entitled The Controversy Behind The Appointment Of Raul Sanllehi As Arsenal’s Director of Football And Its Adverse Effects which examined his record at Barcelona and highlighted his mistakes. In the light of Arsenal’s current predicament, perhaps the board need to start their own investigative process.

The blog stated:

‘The success story on the field continued but behind the scenes, it was allegedly Sanllehi, who was guilty of leading the charge and in the process, making a number of poor decisions.

The wrong players were leaving to be replaced by expensive mistakes like Zlatan Ibrahimović, who regardless of his talent, could upset God on a Sunday and cause an argument in an empty room. Sanllehi was also thought to be responsible for offloading Samuel Eto’o, which came as a shock at the time.

In the meantime, Zlatan caused unrest and constantly clashed with manager Pep Guardiola, labelling his manager “a coward”. By way of contrast, Eto’o went on to win the treble at Inter Milan.

Have you ever asked yourself why Barcelona would let Sanlleh go ? Surely, they would have tied him down to a lucrative contract because he was so important. Well, it turns out he wasn’t that crucial to the project, they still managed to pick up a La Liga title and the Supercopa de España this season’

At the time, I was criticised and when Arsenal splashed the cash in the summer it appeared I had a lot of egg to wipe off my face but had the transition phase gone according to plan, I’d have been quite happy to do that. The truth is it hasn’t !

After a predictably indifferent season which unfortunately culminated in a Europa League final battering, Arsenal have gone from bad to worse, even with hefty investment.


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The players weren’t playing for the man in charge. The man in charge wasn’t making the board look good and the board weren’t making the owner a sufficient return on his investment.

If, like me, you thought the reshuffle was over, you may just have to think again. The brave new world we were promised was actually like smoke dancing through our open fingers.

Part Two – Arsenal were conned into buying a substandard defender and worse still into hiring a coach that can’t manage his players.

Stay Tuned for the second part!

The Highbury Flyer
Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

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