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Arsenal are at a Crossroads in the Premiership and the Next two Seasons are Crucial to Avoid Becoming a Forgotten Club

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Stan Kroenke has no more than another two seasons to get Arsenal back in contention for the major prizes. No one is miraculously going to buy out the American, not in its current state, so where is the motivation to improve the club in such a short time ?

Money ! The only stuff that interests Stan. He’s probably got art made of hundred dollar bills or sofa’s comprised of stacks of notes, so the only way to refocus Stan Kroenke might be the threat of losing his commercial clout.

If Arsenal are no longer one of the big time Charlie’s in the Premier League, their ability to attract big sponsorship deals will significantly dwindle. Without participation in the European competitions, they will not only lose money but they also appear less investable.

Kroenke has seen small fortunes disappear because of the lack of CL football and many fans see that as payback for not providing substantial investment when he had the chance. He will now hold talks at the end of the season to focus on the way forward and the next 18 months, where qualification to the Champions League and a top four finish are crucial to the club’s future.

The money men would already have done their sums on the cash available. The list of new and desirable players has already been submitted and another of containing the names of unwanted players is on file.

Kroenke will need to put his management team to work early because he can’t afford to have another uneventful or so so transfer window where all the rich pickings end up in the hands of their nearest rivals. I fully expect Arsenal’s transfer dealings to be wrapped up early and inquiries to start before the last day of the season.

Kroenke will know more than anyone that a ‘product’ is only valuable if it is attractive or successful, once it’s neither, its worth drops dramatically. He has always said that he has no intention of selling the club and that Arsenal is a long term investment.


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This time he needs to show he has the right plan in place with the right people in charge. Arsenal can’t afford anymore false dawns, they need to hit the ground running next season, with a competitive side that can at least win one domestic trophy and one which can battle it out for a top four finish.

The clock is ticking and failure isn’t an option.

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