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Looking for Whom to Blame for This Colossal Mess ? THIS is Exactly Whom Arsenal Fans Should Blame for This Situation

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There’s a spectacular flurry of activity going on behind the scenes since the Arsenal coach, Unai Emery dropped the ‘loan bombshell’ at his press conference to discuss the Gunners game against West Ham.

As soon as the words left his mouth that the North London club were only going to undertake loan deals, the room fell awkwardly silent.

Angry fans took to social media to express a mixture of dissatisfaction, disbelief and frustration. Opinions varied on the cause but Stan Kroenke was a universal target for fans, although some apportioned the blame on former CEO, Ivan Gazidis and former manager, Arsene Wenger.

It’s a complicated matter full of financial shortfalls and possible breaches of FFP regulations but that is of no concern to the majority of fans who feel that Kroenke has mismanaged the club through others, to end up in this predicament.

Yes, the club has invested heavily over the last few years, £74.1 million just last summer but Arsenal fans have long memories and remember the clubs policy of selling the Family silver to finance a stadium.

Stars left like evacuees from a war torn Country and Arsenal’s ability to compete at the highest level, went with them.

I have been heavily criticised for attacking Stan Kroenke and have been reminded of FFP and that he had individuals working on his behalf and is thus devoid of any responsibility, which is complete and utter horse shit.

That’s like saying that the chef in the titanic should have informed the captain of the impending iceberg.

Yes, Gazidis was working for him but Stan Kroenke has been at the helm for ten years and he’s not the business man everyone would have you believe, if he did not closely monitor those making daily decisions on his behalf.

You can dress this up how you like but should Arsenal fall any further behind Liverpool and City, it may take 10 years to get back into contention.

Gazidis is partially responsible, no question about that and we have to hope that the current structure, which is entirely blameless come good but Arsenal have now become farcenal, such is the gross negligence of this great club.

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Emery’s only mistake was to repeat his employers transfer strategy. The club probably would have been better served doing what it usually does, which is indulge in lies and subterfuge.

It could have said that the targets would not be affordable until the summer and in that period, it would secure a couple of players on loan until those targets could be acquired.

Better still they could have said nothing but they are no doubt happy that the financial cat is out of the bag, claiming honesty is the best policy.

No one knows how Kroenke is offsetting his loans of over £550 million and he’s not about to put an advert in The Guardian to calm the nerves.

The fact is that if Arsenal were a vehicle, it wouldn’t be road worthy. If it were a meal, it would be unfit for consumption and if it were a plane, it would be grounded indefinitely.

The problems are many and have been left overtime to get a damn site worse. Those that say I’m ignorant to the financial plight would be right, because as a paying fan, it’s not my major concern. That’s for those employed by the club, who were deemed fit to undertake the role.

Those that say it’s not Kroenke’s fault are living in a dream World. Where else could you mismanage a business to this degree by claiming ignorance because somebody else ran the day to day affairs of the business.

It’s staggering !! The fact that Wenger has been sucked into the blame vortex is also baffling. True, he had lost his way in the latter years but if he asked for players and the funds weren’t available, you can’t seriously tell me that there wasn’t anyone in the club to tell him No !

Really ? Did he have that much power, that much influence ? How absurd is that notion ?

Did he trot down to Arsenal’s bank and withdraw the money himself, pop it in a Louis Vuitton suitcase, head off on a private charter and close the deal in a Cafe next to the airport.

These assertions are just as daft as Arsenal current plight and I for one, will not let Wenger take responsibility for what is currently transpiring.

If he is guilty of anything, it was in thinking he could return the club to the glory days of the 90’s and for showing loyalty and passion, both unusual in today’s game.

He made some dubious decisions in the transfer market but more than made up for those by bringing World class talent to these shores and even by selling them on for a handsome profit.

Where did that go ? Up Stan Kroenke’s wizard like sleeve.

Oh yes, and he delivered 3 premiership titles, 4 FA cups and introduced a standard of excellence to Arsenal fans that they had never seen the likes of before and are trying to emulate.

As for Kroenke, what has he done ?

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The Highbury Flyer
Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

4 thoughts on “Looking for Whom to Blame for This Colossal Mess ? THIS is Exactly Whom Arsenal Fans Should Blame for This Situation

  1. Having watched my first game in 1963, I can tell you there have been some bad times since then but also a lot of really good ones. The current situation makes us look like a farcical football club and I suspect until Kroenke sells to someone who loves the game and the club, nothing is likely to change and we are going to have to get used to being a club just on the ‘fringe of the contenders for the title and a place in the champions league! I love the club but he is an owner who just doesn’t get a s”t about being one of the best teams. He only cares about owning things that he can sell at some future time to add to the billions he already has. It’s a pity the Premier League and the FA don’t have better rules for those who wish to be club owners. If supporters had more of a say in the running of the club, as I think they do in Germany, maybe we could stop these ‘money men’ from taking over clubs and giving the ‘V’ sign to the supporters!

    1. He could face a new bid for the club in 2020

      But who knows if he would ever consider selling. Safe to say he is ruining the club by treating it as if it were a commodity.
      He has just professed a love of the club but has been there 10 years.
      I’ve never been in a relationship that took a decade to cultivate.

      He just doesn’t understand what Arsenal are about, it’s fans or football in general. Get the hell out of dodge Stan !

  2. The solution to this Arsenal pathetic situation is simple. Fans going to match days should make the stadium empty for three consecutive matches and fans should stop buying season ticket. Let us do these and I believe silent Kroenke and co will do something.

    1. I truly understand your sentiment but it will not solve anything, just lost revenue that may have helped with transfer fees.
      Kroenke has skin thicker that the shin of an Elephant and I’m not sure he is even bothered by the Anti Stan stuff.

      Plus Arsenal as a team are in desperate need of our support at a crucial part of the season, if we withdrew support, it could potentially get worse.

      I speak with people everyday about Kroenke and only a handful show support. Those that do are preoccupied by FFP and past mistakes, claiming Wenger was at fault.

      As I said to someone the other day, during these periods, who was the majority shareholder ? Invisible Stan

      It’s my own opinion here but the sooner he goes, the better. I can’t see Arsenal being successful under Kroenke.

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