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Enough Dithering: Arsenal Need to be decisive and go for Arteta now


Having seen the big names drop out one by one from the race to become Arsenal’s next head coach, Raul Sanllehi and Josh Kroenke need to go all out and secure Mikel Arteta before the Everton job draws his attention.

No, it’s not a panic move because it’s said that Arteta already has the majority of support if personal terms can be met. There are also a number of internal issues and Arteta is keen to ensure that he is not just foot pedal to the Arsenal drum. One sticking point that may arise is who controls transfers in terms of incoming and outgoing personnel.

The urgency is that the preferred candidates are stalling or won’t be available and Arsenal need direction and stability now. So, let’s go for it and push on.

Aside from the more experienced and well known targets, we are now being fed a number of lesser names which have sent shivers down the spine.

A collection of specialists in failure that have at best a mediocre track record and at worst, have a habit of being fired for under achieving at their clubs such as Paulo Sousa and Marcelino Garcia Toral.

Perhaps, deep down, Raul Sanllehi doesn’t want the type of manager that wants to manage. Perhaps he wants someone like Emery, whom he can manipulate and thrust players onto,unlike Arteta. Someone he can blame when it all goes wrong because basically, Raul Sanllehi is seemingly morphing into the new Ivan Gazidis.

The man who wants to carve out his vision of Arsenal and dictate everything from the brand of biscuits the have in the boardroom to the style of play in the pitch.

Are Arsenal seriously targeting Allegri ? someone they perceived to be arrogant last time around and who has no intention of this three bags full mantra that Raul Sanllehi appears to be looking for.

If he is looking for someone that he is less likely to conflict with, he might be able to strike a deal for Arteta who will have to concede some areas of the deal due to his inexperience.

David Ornstein believes that Arsenal are ready to ride out the season with Ljungberg in charge and not hire Arteta or others if they can’t secure a candidate that agrees to their specific terms.

For me, that would send out the wrong signals, convey the wrong message and it could even have significant consequences for the club in the future.

It’s been said that it’s notoriously difficult to recruit a manager at this stage of a domestic season or from the European league’s but this is Arsenal. It’s an opportunity for someone to be a part of the biggest and most televised league in the world, that boasts some of the top names such as Klopp, Guardiola and Mourinho.

How does that prevent Arsenal from signing a top name or stop them enticing a candidate away from another club unless it was never the intention.

It’s always difficult to second guess what’s going on at Arsenal, certain folk in the media are fed crumbs as a diversionary tactic and this allows Arsenal to pursue their own agenda at their own pace.

However, next week could be the decisive , if Arsenal, with possibly up to six injuries, get mauled by misfiring Manchester City, perhaps Arsenal will have no option but to press forward for Mikel Arteta before they lose him altogether.

They’ve probably lost out on Allegri and Pochettino. They’ve hit a wall with Simeone, Naglesmann and Benitez and Ancelotti would be the last of the top six names but not necessarily the main target on the list.

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