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Going, going, gone. Defiant defender defects to Bordeaux for £4.6 million

Koscielny, Koscielny to Bordeaux

It has been confirmed that Arsenal have sold Laurent Koscielny to Ligue 1 side Bordeaux. The defender returned to France after a association of nine years with the English club.

At the end of the day, Laurent Koscielny picked up the gun, held it to his own head and pulled the trigger.The former captain’s decision to down tools and refuse to go on a pre-season tour of the US ended his association with Arsenal almost immediately.

It was said that Emery’s emotions turned from disbelief to rage and that mood was echoed by his employers. Dialogue began if only for Emery to voice his displeasure, duly noting that the players behaviour was unacceptable and would damage his teams unity in the long term.

Arsenal met with Koscielny’s representatives, but it was basically to agree the next stage of the process to move Koscileny on for the right price.

Stories regarding mediation talks were untrue and even Unai Emery’s sugary words of support were no more than a diplomatic exercise for the benefit of the media.

The problem as I understand it was that Koscileny had been made a promise to leave, which the club understandably rescinded when they were unable to find a suitable replacement.

It is a great shame that an association that was of benefit to both parties has ended in such an ugly way. Arsenal couldn’t wait to get rid of the problematic and injury prone star and the Frenchman was desperate to board the first plane.

I said last season that Koscileny needed to go, but no one expected it to end this way. They resemble two scorned lovers claiming their individual rights to the ownership of the labradoodle.


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The fact that Arsenal are likely to get over £4.6m from Bordeaux is simply staggering for a broken 33-year-old who is unlikely to last more than two seasons and that will be unable to play a part in all competitions.

Despite the bad ending, the majority of fans will wish him well.  He was never part of an historic defensive line and in fairness he deserved better in terms of trophies. He will be remembered for his bravery and for his commitment, even when he wasn’t physically up for the challenge in the latter part of his career.

For me, he stood out in quite possibly the worst assembled defences in Arsenal’s history, he was never a leader, but at least showed fighting spirit and for that alone I’m grateful. It’s no coincidence that he leaves one season after Wenger departed and had the former manager left earlier, it’s plausible Koscielny would have followed suit.

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