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All out war on and off the Pitch as Arsenal fall Apart on and off the field

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We’ve had it all this season at Arsenal, a massive spend, a complete club meltdown, a sacking and a football failure on a mammoth scale. Then there’s been the removal of the captaincy, a variety of strops, a host of social media debacles and the casting aside of various high profile players.

The performances have been completely devoid of passion, integrity and pride and the atmosphere at the Emirates has been toxic. That’s surely enough excitement for one season but now interim manager, Freddie Ljungberg, faces a problem bigger than its defensive concerns.

The infighting between arsenl supporters is now rife and it’s now spilling out onto the pitch as results go from bad to worse. After the Brighton disaster, Ozil was seen calling out Lacazette and Aubameyang remonstrated with Joe Willock over a poor choice of pass.

In the same match, David Luiz could be seen shouting at his fellow defenders and his general body language suggested his unhappiness at the team and those around him.

At this rate, unless Arsenal turn a rather substantial corner, it’s going to get a whole lot worse. Confidence is at an all time low and there’s not a single player unaffected. Bellerin had a distinctly average game, Torreira was easily dispossessed and at times lacked any impact, physical or otherwise.

Aubameyang doesn’t enjoy a wide position at Arsenal and neither does Ozil which showed in their minimal contribution.

Ljungberg appears to be fighting on so many fronts that it’s hard to know where to begin but he has to find answers quickly. In the light of what’s happening, it wouldn’t be completely unexpected to learn that Arsenal are looking for Emery’s long term replacement.

Arsenal are in deep, deep trouble and for a club this stature the period from Christmas to May will be of great concern to supporters and club alike.

Arsenal aren’t far enough away from those in the relegation zone to feel safe and it looks like a point here and there will not be enough to claw themselves up the premier league and out of danger.

A couple of wins for Arsenal would easily dispel the gloom but they aren’t close because Arsenal will have to find opponents who are equally as poor and low on confidence if there are any.

Watford and Norwich have already challenged Arsenal and although they are in the bottom three, they weren’t exactly ripe for the picking.

Christmas will now be a key period for the club and the board need to examine their plans and perhaps re evaluate the situation and circumstances.

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