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Europa League Final Defeat Results In Fights And Discontent Amongst Arsenal Fans

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Arsenal hit rock bottom as fans fight each other after Europa league defeat. It looks like the summer may be a long one, not in terms of glorious weather but in terms of the closed football season and the growing discontent among Arsenal fans after an average season, which culminated in a sound thumping in the Europa league by Chelsea.

We’ve seen evidence of it in the past with the ‘Wenger out’ brigade, who briefly disappeared after the Frenchman’s exit but now it seems the divisions are becoming wider with older and younger fans clashing across the capital in sporadic fights at various pubs and even on public transport.

Arsenal’s stunning collapse in their final game against Chelsea in Baku, has reignited old fires and opened old wounds as the fan base rounds on itself in a period of further unrest. ‘The Kroenke out’ campaign is back just hours after Arsenal’s timid performance and capitulation that deprives the club of its third year of Champions league football.

In conversation with members of various Arsenal forums including Guns and yellow ribbons, the extent of the unrest that has been festering for years was made crystal clear with one member recalling the time he was spat at for his opposing view on ‘Wenger out’ campaign.

I recall being intimidated by so called Arsenal fans in the early 80’s, which I found quite surprising because Arsenal fans always had a decent reputation. I’ve been lucky enough to remain oblivious to the unpleasant undercurrent over the last few years but I have it good authority from reliable sources that the outbreaks in violence were not just a vehicle for the media.

What a pity, what are the fans becoming ? Many clubs have suffered indifferent periods, where success has been a stranger but to my knowledge, few have indulged in public infighting on this scale.

It’s as embarrassing as it is disappointing and not what I associate with Arsenal. If decent behaviour can only be obtained by success, it’s a terrible indictment of modern football and society in general.

The loss in Europa League final ultimately leads to the loss of Champions League football next season for Arsenal which will adversely affect their performance in the summer transfer window in terms of luring good talent to the Emirates. With the transfer window budget reportedly being tight, Arsenal should look to rebuild the defence by investing smartly in good defenders and then look for any other attacking options.

The Highbury Flyer
Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

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