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Get a grip: Arsenal fans are acting like a bunch of anxious schoolgirls

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It has to be noted that Arsenal fans over recent seasons could be easily accused of having zero resolve or positivity. When Arsenal hit the skids with results, there is a tendency to throw in the towel and look to the skies.

There seems to be an absence of objectivity and a need to whinge or obsess over details which obscure the bigger picture. One has to ask if this is the work of a new type of Arsenal supporter or is it just the result of years of failure that have made a normally resilient and optimistic following lose the plot.

The loss to Liverpool was the catalyst to a wave of ‘Debbie Downers’ taking to social media to question Arsenal’s integrity, the claim for a Champions League place and even the future of the coach. Despite the loss a number of bookmakers, punters and a few top american online casinos are placing Arsenal ahead of Chelsea and Manchester United to finish in the top four this season.

At times, I could scarcely believe what I was reading as the soft centered, floppy backbone brigade cried into their pints of Carlsberg after expecting a complete turnaround in fortunes with a collection of new players.

Bellerin, Holding and Tierney are still recovering from injury and Saliba is injured whilst on loan. It seems that Arsenal fans have ignored these factors and also that they were playing a side that narrowly missed out on the Premier League and won the Champions League.

They are hardly Accrington Stanley and yet, the moaners and groaners held an autopsy that sounded as if the club was on the brink of relegation.

Did anyone think that one good transfer window would solve all of the gunners deep rooted problems ?

It takes time, hard work and dedication and if we pause for just a second to consider that Liverpool and City have taken years to assemble this group of talented players, then everyone should sleep a little easier tonight.

The journey Arsenal are currently on has no time frame. It’s begun but its hard to know when it will end because Emery has had so much to undo and redo at the same time. It will only be put into perspective in a few seasons from now, when Arsenal fans realise just how much in decline the Gunners were with a group of demotivated and self absorbed players.


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The fact that Emery maintains his principals and believes that his big plan can be achieved, is a testament to his character and he can only be judged at the end of the season.The senseless clamour to oust him three games into the campaign is the work of tree huggers and lunatics, not hardcore Arsenal fans.

Success in football isn’t an entitlements day, it isn’t achieved by instant solutions.

Having supported this fabulous club since I was a child and having been subjected to a mixture of inevitable lows and exhilarating highs, there comes a point when you realise that it’s a cycle. You realise that the tough times and difficult results are worth going through to get to the successes.

Stay Tuned for more!

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