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No Way José ! Arsenal Fans Go Pro-Mourinho As They Call For A Change Of Manager After Just Five Games.

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Arsenal’s fickle fan base are up in arms again today, with most clamouring for the dismissal of Unai Emery and the arrival of José Mourinho.

As marriages go, Arsenal/Mourinho seems like the devil renting the church hall for an indoor Bar-B-Que. Supporters are obviously willing to ignore the style of play he employs, in return for silverware but let me say that I for one, am definitely not up for that !

For a club that struggled to rid itself of the boring Arsenal tag and reinvented itself under Arsene Wenger, the last person I’d leave with the keys to the football philosophy cupboard is José Mourinho.

At Chelsea, Real Madrid, Chelsea (again) and Manchester United, Mourinho turned football into a congested game of negative tactics that bored the pants off the supporters. Yes, he won trophies but it was the equivalent of watching two snails mating on a summers day.

Supporters obviously want trophies and success but it’s equally important to be entertained. The growing pro Mourinho campaign is as baffling as it is sickening.

Arsene Wenger had 22 years in charge and at least 10 of those were relatively unsuccessful, so what was Emery’s arrival meant to do ?
I’ll tell you now that neither Klopp or Guardiola would do any better with the resources and time frame that Emery has been given.

The gunners could be behind the pace for another 18 months ! Yes, that’s right. It’s not instant mash, where you add water and get results. The team has to be built from scratch and replaced where needed and that’s going to take time and money.

Manchester United went into a blind panic when success eluded them and they looked towards Mourinho to deliver. He came up with trophies but then went back to his normal methods of combining confrontation with negativity.

Mourinho spent money, lots of it but none was spent wisely as he tried to fashion his own version of the Galácticos but with players that were way beneath that particular standard.

Emery isn’t the best manager or coach in the world, he probably isn’t even in the top 8 but Arsenal wanted a different kind of influence. Not a manager but a coach and although he may not have the flair of Wenger, you understand his ideas. His biggest issue is that he doesn’t have the players at his disposal that are capable of delivering an end product.

Emery has had many riddles to solve and there are more ahead but this continuous knee jerk reaction to draws or a loss is ridiculous. Fans need to understand that Arsenal aren’t where they were in the 90’s and that there may be a chance that those successes may not be repeated.

I’d take my chances with Emery regardless of the outcome because Mourinho might be the last straw in an already desperate situation.

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