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Arsenal’s Success Or Failure This Season Will Be Shared With The New Management Structure Under Raul And Vinai


It’s been a period of unprecedented upheaval at Arsenal, with a series of high profile changes in the club’s hierarchy. The only benefit to date has been the departure of the clueless ‘Dark Lord’ Ivan Gazidis, who presided over a period of mediocrity and failure.

The previous structure was doomed to fail, with a CEO and owner who knew little about running a top flight Premiership club and a manager, who many deemed, was past his sell by date.

In a brilliantly devious move, it’s fair to assume that Kroenke got Gazidis to rid the club of Arsene Wenger and in turn, squeezed the CEO out, but not before he fronted the change of manager.

If that appointment had gone wrong then, it would have been the fault of Gazidis. Clever.

Gazidis was also the frontman for the appointments of the Head of football Raul Sanllehi and Managing director Vinai Venkatesham. Kroenke made sure that Gazidis had his finger prints all over this move too. The three even posed for pictures in the absence of invisible Stan, to ensure that ‘Ivan the terrible’ CEO, could be seen as the prime suspect.

You have to give it to him, it’s the work of a criminal genius.

However, now that the CEO has gone, any future behind the scenes cockups will rest with Sanllehi, Venkatesham and ultimately Kroenke.

Emery to his credit, has managed to loosen the noose around the neck of all three and if he continues to pull rabbits out of hats, then the trio have breathing space until the summer. After that and depending on what type of business the club engages in, they could be standing over the trap door again.

Emery can only do his bit and will be viewed as blameless because of what he has managed to do under the circumstances, but the others will certainly face the wrath of the fans if, with a hefty sponsor deal, nothing transpires.

Slippery Stan must be preying for a top four finish and a cup final appearance in the Europa League to allow him his annual trip to soak up the credit and glory.


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That’s obviously the ideal scenario for the owner but this will only provide a temporary respite before the expected big spend in the summer.

Kroenke has a definite knack of avoiding the bullets by pushing others in front of the gun but, he may need to find new ways of avoiding the shit storm in the coming months.

Stay Tuned!

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