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Wenger’s legacy and Arsenal’s Debt to Their Former Manager Becomes Ever More Prominent in the Aftermath of Covid-19

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The speculation is increasing that Arsenal are going to be very active in the summer’s transfer window, especially with the number of familiar faces leaving the club.

The COVID-19 virus will redefine the game, the domestic and European competitions, the way deals are made including players contracts and sponsorship models and televised football.

From this point on, there’s a shake upcoming and Arsenal are going to be one of many clubs that are looking at their finances and benching the bulk of their extravagant transfer plans that were made prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19.

It’s thought that Arsenal had big summer transfer plans for at least four or five new players but because of recent events, they have had to scale down those ambitions to fit their finances.

Arsenal have lived well within their means for years and their former manager Arsene Wenger was careful to ensure their financial independence and stability. Although Wenger had his detractors who have recently questioned his legacy, Wenger had, to some degree, ensured that the North London club will be able to cope with the huge losses likely to follow the lock-down.

Under Arsene Wenger, Arsenal dealt with the debt of a £390m move to the Emirates stadium in 2006 and he ensured that the money still rolled in even through regular Champions League qualification, but to his own detriment in an inflated transfer market. In his dealings, he tried his best to make the turn a profit on players when he somewhat reluctantly had no choice but to sell, either because the players wanted to move or he had to balance the books.

Be under no illusion, the burden he had for the second phase of his reign has almost certainly ensured the future of the club in these uncertain times and it’s now the responsibility of Raul Sanllehi and Mikel Arteta to weather this particular storm so that Arsenal can once again be considered as a force.


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Arsenal’s arch-rival Tottenham Hotspur could be in dire trouble with their recent stadium rebuild said to have cost £1 billion and Tottenham now have to make good on their loans without gate receipts or additional revenue.

It may be that Arsenal’s move will now be viewed as an absolute bargain and that Wenger’s plans were implemented at the right time for the right money, even though the club competitively paid the price. Wenger may inadvertently be the architect of Arsenal’s future and the guardian of their past.

Stay tuned to know more!

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