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Dumping Koscielny Is The Only Way Ahead For Arsenal in Regaining Their Focus and Concentrating On The Future

Koscielny, Koscielny to Bordeaux

It’s an unfortunate symptom of modern football that a players relationship with their club occasionally turns sour. There are numerous examples including Pogba/United, Neymar/PSG and more importantly to gunners fans, Koscielny/Arsenal.

Originally, I felt the situation was similar to two male peacocks in search of a mate. Both showing off their impressive plums through an agent or via the media, in an attempt to outdo the other but with it concluding with neither claiming a triumph. It still feels the same now, with Arsenal claiming they are commencing disciplinary action and Koscielny seeking legal advice.

Now, I’m no expert but the club has asked its contracted player and employee, to travel on its pre season as part of its commercial obligations. Yes, it’s about money, shocker !!

The player has refused to travel, which unless Koscielny has a legitimate reason, is a breach of his contract as far as I’m aware, so why on Earth is the former Captain seeking legal advice. If he is, there is something we are not aware of, which could still make this unedifying spectacle rather interesting in the coming weeks.

The really smart money is on a quick resolution because I feel that Arsenal are not going to come out of this mess in a good shape.The club has looked incompetent for a few seasons now and it needs a period of calm to attempt to restore its tattered reputation.

The Koscielny issue has come at the wrong time, with fan unrest and an inconclusive transfer window. I say let him go as quickly as possible, even if it is for free. They could always lie, it’s not like the Arsenal board aren’t used to it.

That would allow them to focus entirely on what they need rather than what they had and if they can afford to let Ramsey go for zilch, surely Koscielny can follow the trend.

Let’s look at the Koscielny  before we make a rash decision and by that, I mean me. Koscielny isn’t Captain material and never was ! there, someone has actually said it ! Nor was he the best centre half in the World at any particular time.

Koscielny was a decent player, when fit but he has been past his best for at least three seasons and has now become the player that spends time in and out the side due to injury.

The reason fans will leap to his defence as a player is that Koscielny always stood out in a positively shit defence. The truth is that he was no Sol Campbell, he’s no Martin Keown, Frank McKlintock, David O’Leary or Tony Adams.

Elsewhere, he’s not remotely in the class of van Dijk or even the emerging de Ligt, so his departure in the big scheme of things isn’t going to be devastating. His experience actually outweighed his talents at the end of his Arsenal career, a career which was disrupted by injury and simultaneously highlighted his shortcomings.

I can’t deny Koscielny has been a loyal servant of the club in the past and at one stage a number of club’s were clamouring for his services, he could have gone but chose not to. You have to put sentimentality aside, it’s been abundantly clear that if Arsenal had the funds, the only defender that they’d retain would be Hector Bellerin.

If the price was right a whole host of defensive players would already be in a new team including the much maligned Mustafi, who now needs to salvage his career from his chaotic spell with the gunners.

So all in all,Arsenal should save face, cut their loses and concentrate on the future, one without Koscielny and the bad publicity that is likely to follow.

The Highbury Flyer
Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

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