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Is Le Havre’s Pape Gueye Really the Answer to Arsenal’s midfield problems

Pape Gueye, Pape gueye linked to Arsenal

There can be hardly any doubt that Arsenal have as many issues in the middle as they do at the back and there have been many suggestions of the type of player they need along with a number of names, the newest among them being Pape Gueye.

An outright attacking midfielder, a playmaker, a box to box leader or a midfield general, but these players aren’t available in large numbers and normally come with a hefty price tag. Pape Gueye (21) is the latest name to surface in connection with the North London club but there is bound to be interest in a player that they claim is a mixture of Pogba and Kante.

The Frenchman has already shown power, strength and desire, something which has made him the most influential player for the Ligue 2 side and led to him becoming club captain. That’s the level that Pape Gueye has achieved at such an early age and as a result, there are a lot of clubs keeping tabs on his performances and in the summer, it’s highly likely a bid will come in from somewhere.

Le Harve may find that their biggest challenge is getting him to sign an extension because the kid has ambition which is evident in his play. A combination of an attacking artist and a defensive warrior. A baller with a defensive mindset, a ball winner but also a creator and provider.


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That’s something any major club in the Premier League would be looking for, but the defensive/central midfielder’s cost will jump from its paltry £1.58m estimate and Arsenal, if serious would be wise to place a seriously attractive bid.

It’s rare that such a talent emerges and it’s no surprise that Sevilla, AC Milan, Udinese, Valencia and Chelsea are rumoured to have expressed an interest. Whether or not Arsenal provide the money for a bidding war remains to be seen but we’ll keep you posted.

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