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This Is How Arsenal Mismanaged The Entire Transfer Window With Stunning Incompetence

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Well here we are, nearly July and so far the transfer activity shown by Arsenal is behind almost every club in the premiership including their closest rivals Spurs.

Spurs managed to build a billion pound stadium, but still have the funds to invest in players. Lyon midfielder Tanguy Ndombele, was acquired for a measly £65m and there is apparently cash still left over.

Compare that to Arsenal’s move to the Emirates which resulted in the mass exodus of world class talent. That was followed by years of austerity that lasted until the purchase of Mesut Ozil in 2013.

Ivan Gazidis’ announcement of a new improved management structure before jumping ship, which was comprised of Chief Executive Vinai Venkatesham and Head of Football Raúl Sanllehi, has fallen flat on its face because absolutely nothing has changed.

More bodies out, academy assets released and a massive sponsorship deal are hardly the progressive moves that we were expecting or promised when the duo arrived. With little funds to improve the squad, much hinged on the outgoings but it turns out no one wants them, so this has all the hallmarks of another fiasco. One that only Arsenal seem to be able to specialise in.

We can’t afford players and are locked in negotiations where the price tag is the main problem. The deals involving Zagadou, Saliba, Tierney and Praet are at a standstill and for those hoping for a Zaha deal, don’t hold your breath.

Zaha has apparently been vocal on his desire to join Arsenal but with his fee likely to start around the £60m mark, unless we pay a series of hefty installments, there’s more chance of Zinedine Zidane playing for Watford.

Another area of concern is that Arsenal couldn’t get their director of football in place at the most crucial time. Edu may be on his way, but he may also be too late to make an impact unless he has deals in the bag. If so, they need to arrive swiftly to prepare for the season and integrate into the team.

I understand Edu’s position is one of contractual obligation, but if this board couldn’t improvise during his absence, it’s more evidence of complete incompetence.

We then come on to the Aubameyang and Torreira speculation, which I believe has been magnified out of all proportion, but the club has made no real attempt to dispel the rumours , which suggests to me that if the interest is strong enough and the money offered is high enough, then Arsenal are still very much a selling club.

I can’t express how angry I am with the entire board who lurch from one disaster to another.

There’s no public relations involvement and Kroenke relies on a pair of bean counters who work exclusively on profit margins as opposed to success and entertainment.

Apparently, Arsenal will begin transfer interest in early July but it’s too late ! We should have at least two defensive players onboard by now and we appear no closer to solving our midfield and flank issues, so what’s going on ?

I’ve actually got no faith in this management change and pity Emery, who could ultimately be made a scapegoat if this season doesn’t deliver Champions league football.

If I were him, I’d wait to see what the club had in mind and if they showed serious intent and ambition to move the club forward, then if on the last game of the season, things didn’t quite pan out to meet with expectations, I’d quit the post.


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I don’t think there’s a fan who would blame him.

The situation is a mirror image of the one at Newcastle with Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez, with the exception that Newcastle fans have no illusions about top four finishes and Champions league football because they are used to it. They have accepted it and know how to deal with the disappointment and lack of ambition.

That’s something Arsenal fans may yet have to master because they will have to do it sooner rather than later.

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