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Three Brilliant Ways In Which Arsenal Can Effectively Replace Aaron Ramsey


The future of the Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey has always looked shaky at Arsenal. His contract extension under Arsene Wenger was a last minute decision which if hadn’t worked out, the Gunners would have been left out without a marksman midfielder.

It’s clear if Ramsey rejects the new contract, Arsenal would have to let him go on free in next summer.

The rumours are that the North London giants are currently in pursuit of the Portuguese Andre Gomes. The Barcelona player who is currently playing for Everton on loan has been sidelined for the past couple of years under Luis Enrique. The Catalan giants are desperately trying to raise funds for bringing in the Chelsea forward Willian during the winter transfer window.

Catalan radio channel Rac 1 has said that the talks have ‘intensified’ between the clubs. Gomes who has described as his time at Barcelona as ‘hell’ would love to move to Premier League on a year contract.

Currently the Islington team has a surplus of quality midfielders with Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi joining the team as recent signings. All these players are perfect fits for Aaron Ramsey’s role and the midfield is a heavily contested place in the lineup.

All this would essentially make sense with the departure of Ramsey but currently the Spanish boss Unai Emery’s game strategy revolves around the fast paced and tactical Welsh international. With success in the recent games this setup looks comfortable and promising.

A smart tactical move by the management and Emery at Arsenal would be to determine Ramsey’s fate by December and try to sell him by the winter transfer window rather than letting him to for free at the end of this season.

There would be a bidding war on Ramsey if he is left free as Manchester United and Barcelona are keen to bring him aboard. Taking the Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba fallout situation into account it would be a win-win situation for the Premier League teams if a deal could be worked out between them in the winter transfer window. Pogba would mostly be leaving as the Old Trafford hierarchy is backing the Portuguese manager and the void could be filled in by Ramsey, whom Arsenal would prefer to sell rather than letting him go for free.

Manchester United in the past had gone up to £50m for roping in Ramsey and the funds raised by this deal could be used by Arsenal to sign in the FC Porto player, Héctor Herrera. The Mexican who is also being eyed by Real Madrid could lock horns with Arsenal to bring him in. Hector had been also looked in as a possible replacement at the beginning of the season, so this move wouldn’t come on as a surprise.

Arsenal have also been in talks with Boca Juniors for a bid of £27m on the Argentine Cristian Pavon. The master dribbler and passer is a younger version of Ramsey. These talks signify that a team is trying to be pieced together without Ramsey.

With so many ongoing talks and choices, the aging star’s future at Arsenal seem bleak. This perhaps could be last season where we say goodbye to our Welshman.

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