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Arsenal Need To Hand Their Former Player And Legend A Role Even If There Isn’t One


Marc Overmars has been given hefty praise for his part in the emergence of Ajax and it’s group of talented youngsters. However, the one man who’s name is missing from this mountainous praise fest is Dennis Bergkamp, who was personally and directly involved with the youngsters transition to the first team.

It’s no secret that because of their league form and performances in the Champions league semi final against Spurs, Ajax players have been linked as possible transfer targets for some of Europe’s top sides. Ajax won the Eredivisie in a hard fought campaign, which saw them keep PSV Eindhoven in second place.

More importantly, they played with style, flair and desire, mirroring the Ajax of years gone by, with an average age of 24, which is mightily impressive.

Bergkamp was taken under the wing of Ajax legend, Johan Cruyff and the former Arsenal striker has taken a similar role within the club.

However, the non flying Dutchman fell out with Overmars in 2017 and this led to his sudden departure from the club. The news that Bergkamp is now ready to resume his career in football, should have Arsenal queuing up for his services in any capacity.

Bergkamp would make a fantastic youth coach in the Arsenal academy or if we are still looking for a technical director, why worry about Edu. Bergkamp should come home where he belongs.

Now, before you start talking to me about experience, out of all the candidates, only Monchi had been in the same role for a credible amount of time and with someone like Bergkamp, it’s as much about who he is as what he knows.

What player in the world wouldn’t want to be in the presence of the Dutchman on a training pitch and take tuition from one of the most talented players of his generation.

To be honest, I never liked the idea of Overmars or Monchi in the role and the thought of Edu taking charge is distinctly underwhelming.  If they haven’t got the Brazilian to agree terms already, then I’d stop calling and begin blitzing Bergkamp’s Email on a daily basis.

The striker will not remain unemployed for long and although, Overmars has obviously been a factor in the development of the Ajax youngsters, is more inspirational than Bergkamp.

I once spoke to him on SM about the chances of coming back to Arsenal and asked him ‘if you had the chance to manage Arsenal, would you consider it ?’

‘At the drop of a hat’ was his reply.


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Ok, so that role is already taken but, Arsenal need his talents in the club, somewhere, anywhere. If they can let Steve Bould earn a living by coaching the worst defence in Arsenal’s recent history, then they should snatch up Bergkamp.

Too many talents have been allowed to leave and have taken their experience and knowledge with them.

My message to Arsenal: Pay him what he wants and bring him home.

Stay Tuned!

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