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In Danger of Becoming a Second Tier club; Arsenal’s Fate Rests in Their Own Hands Now

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Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool will be looking to reinforce in the transfer window and for a number of those clubs, there are no financial restraints. The difference between them and Arsenal is that they had already stretched ahead of the North London club in terms of quality and available finances and are now looking to twist the knife by repeating the process.

Arsenal will be able to scramble funds via sales, plus a cash injection via loans, or its owner (really?) as they try to rebuild in an effort just to stand still. If the club doesn’t invest, it could spend ten years in the wilderness, if not longer, as the competition puts considerable distance between them and the Gunners.

At this rate, Arsenal could be scrapping for a top ten slot every season, let alone top-six or four, behind the likes of Leicester, Everton, and Leeds. If Arsenal don’t bring in the desired quality, then it can’t possibly keep pace with the clubs so obviously ahead of them and any aspirations of Champions League football will be the stuff of fantasy.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal
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Arsenal need to be clever and revert to the Wenger blueprint of his first ten years by unearthing talent on the cheap, but there’s a problem with that…time. The longer Arsenal wait, the further the competition disappears into the horizon and the harder it is to get back on terms.

Arsenal need reasonably priced quality players that are Premier League ready and therein lie the problem. Even if Kroenke threw £250m into the kitty, there’s no guarantee that the Gunners under Arteta could get back on terms inside a season or so.

In between a rock and a hard place seems to be the perfect way to describe the current Arsenal conundrum and it’s not clear in which direction the club should head. Let’s hope things aren’t as confused as they appear behind the scenes with an inexperienced manager and technical director who are hoping to win the big jackpot prize on the slots whilst playing with nickels and dimes.


Arsenal need a minimum of four quality players including a right-back, centre-back, creative midfielder, and athletic DM. In addition to that, they need to look for another keeper and at a push another striker who can hit the ground running with 20 goals plus per season.

That’s a big shopping list that requires deep pockets or the skills of a magician, none of which seem evident at the North London club. Arsenal football club needs major improvements before next season in the form of decision making, funding, and recruitment and there’s hardly any room for error.

Judgement day is coming!!!

Stay tuned to know more.

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