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Emi Buendia Stopped in His Tracks on The Way to The Emirates But Could it Bode Well For Arsenal

Emi Buendia, Arsenal

Emi Buendia, the influential Norwich midfielder, is in high demand at the moment and his current club are justifiably holding out for a decent transfer fee and according to Sky Sports, Arsenal have submitted a second bid of £35m after their first one got rejected.

Arsenal made an initial bid of £30m for Emi Buendia, but the Canaries knocked back the offer, standing firm on their valuation of £40m for the attacking midfielder. However, Arsenal are testing Norwich’s resolve by going back with a second bid.

Arsenal are rumoured to be locked in a bidding battle with Dean Smith’s Aston Villa for the Argentine and there is also said to be another club interested in his services. Aston Villa have also reportedly tabled a substantial offer for the Argentine and have tipped the scales in their favour accordingly to a recent report by Charles Watts via

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The midfielder is said to be extremely interested in coming to the capital and making his history for the grand old club, but Arsenal, although heavy favourites, will need to back up their desire with hard cash. That could be a mixture of hefty down payment, further structured instalments, bolt-on’s for appearances, and even a slice of any sell-on fee.

The fine points of any agreement are a sizeable obstacle but with Arsenal in turmoil and short of genuine creativity in midfield, the negotiations will continue in earnest next week. The Gunners will be keen to show that they mean business and they won’t want to lose out to Villa to whom they reluctantly sold goalkeeper Emi Martinez.

Fans will also be concerned regarding their interest in emerging talent Emile Smith Rowe, who is yet to sign a new contract. The tangled status of Arsenal and Aston Villa is intriguing, but with both clubs now considered to be nothing more than mid-table sides, a marker needs to be put in place to separate the pair in the eyes of fans.

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It was hinted that Arsenal were going to conclude their business early and the feeling is at the club via a source is that at least one deal will be completed by the end of next week. Then there is the question of incoming players becoming familiar with their new surroundings and location and Arteta will want to avoid another ‘slow burner’ such as Pepe or another ‘blow out’ such as Willian.

However it is worth mentioning here that like Arsenal, Aston Villa grasping at players in such early days also indicates that they intend to get their squad settled as early as possible and are quite possibly bracing themselves for the departure of the biggest Talisman of their club – Jack Grealish. Such astute piece of business could even bode well for Arsenal in the long run if they see themselves being knocked back in this particular pursuit.

Lets hope that if Arsenal do indeed loose this battle, they will hopefully end up winning the war with a certain Jack Grealish to show for it.

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