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Arsenal Supporters are Becoming Part of the Problem and its Only Going to Grow Worse

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Arsenal supporters need to reconnect with their loyalty or find another club.

I’m livid. Probably beyond livid at the reactions of some Arsenal supporters at this weekend’s 2-2 draw with Norwich. With Emery dismissed, Freddie Ljungberg had just two training sessions to get things back in track.

It wasn’t the win everyone was craving but for a while Arsenal looked motivated and positive, but the same old ghosts came back to haunt them via fearful defending and constant backpedaling, which allowed Norwich to open them up on numerous occasions.

A great many fans were upset with the selection and I can’t deny being surprised by the choice of Mustafi, Luiz and Xhaka or the omission of Tierney and Bellerin, but the interim manager wanted to surround himself with experience in the hope that it paid off handsomely.

It didn’t and I can’t see Ljungberg persisting with the partnership of Mustafi and Luiz again because they virtually handed Norwich two goals by defending like strangers.

Apart from the score and gifted goals, there was a small glimmer of hope in terms of application and attitude, which I expected to see reflected in the comments of Arsenal supporters. Instead, it was a continuation of the toxicity that has descended over the Emirates in recent months, but this time it was aimed in the direction of Freddie Ljungberg.

I found it hard to believe that the figure that Arsenal supporters were praising last season for his work with the under 23’s and were begging to replace Emery, was now being subjected to vile personal abuse with some fans demanding he be sacked after ONE game !

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These so called supporters are witless and gutless wonders, with absolutely no idea about football. Ljungberg will probably not get the job but under the circumstances Arsenal and their fans need him.

These are dark times and dark times require a sense of the safe and the familiar. He has proven himself as an inspiring coach at the under 23 level and needs to reboot Arsenal and it’s players until the end of the season.

Realistically, the expectations must be measured and whatever the Gunners become, it will take much more than one game and may even take a further four seasons.

It’s so very sad that football is now judged with such immediacy and the price of not achieving instant gratification is so high. Emery failed for many reasons, some of the fault for that failure was his, some wasn’t.

The club may be in the midst of another change of manager and direction, but it also needs decent support and there is a core that follow Arsenal, that is not only unrecognisable, but its also very unattractive and unwelcome.

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A crude, ill informed, reactionary and ignorant group, that doesn’t even take the time to attend the Emirates or follow the club on the road. A breed of Arsenal supporters that requires trophies as affirmation of their own status or success. They don’t care about the club, only about how the club makes them look or feel when it’s not doing well.

I’ve had the misfortune to see Arsenal suffer over the years, but I’ve never pointlessly threatened to support another club or dismiss the club as a lost cause. I’ll support them at the next home or away game, with the same hopes and passion that I’ve always done. They will no doubt enthral and disappoint in equal measure but I’ll be there.

Arsenal supporters may deserve more but so does the club.

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