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Emery vs Arteta ; Please Give The Stats a Rest It’s Pathetic!

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Wenger out, Emery in, Emery out, Wenger in, Arteta in, Arteta out – this is part of a predictable vocal trend for Arsenal supporters. Lose a match and you’re incapable and clueless, win a trophy and the side is on track according to some, but if the side loses the next match, the coach is back in the same position.

More evidence of the fans’ fluctuating loyalty occurred during the battle of Brighton last season, where Bernd Leno was injured by the stupidity of Neal Maupay. Fans took to social media in their droves to openly express the tragic loss of their number one shot-stopper, who had been the club’s most consistent performer. Many took the view that Arsenal were in deep trouble because of the German keeper’s injury, whilst others took to using more earthy tones to express their disappointment in his lengthy absence.

Another example was the euphoria that resulted after Arsenal’s win over Liverpool to win the Community Shield and Arsenal beat Manchester City to secure a place in the final of the FA Cup and Community Shield. “We’ve got our Arsenal back”“We’re on the right track” & “Arteta is the man” – all were positive declarations but now here we are, just a handful of games into the first full season for Arteta and some Arsenal supporters are demanding that he be sacked.

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“Clueless”“Not a coach”“Useless” were at the other end of the scale. This comes after six matches that have resulted in three defeats and leave them in 11th position in the Premier League. The losses to Manchester CityLiverpool, and Leicester were marginal. Fans weren’t going to be ecstatic because a loss is a loss, but this team is still in a transitional phase and can only really be judged in another two seasons.

Let’s Move Onto the Stats:

As a result of this season’s supposed failure, comparisons between Emery and Arteta have surfaced to illustrate the current dilemma faced by Arsenal and to enable supporters to pass judgement on who is better. These comparisons are completely pointless and only serve to justify one narrow point of view.

Apparently, after 26 games, Emery won 15, lost 5, and drew 6. His win percentage was 58% and his side scored 53 goals whilst conceding 57. Arteta has won 12, lost 6, drawn 8, which results in a win percentage of 46%. Under Arteta, Arsenal have scored 40 goals but conceded 28, which indicates some form of change for those looking for it.

Strangely enough, trophies have not been included because if they had, the argument would have ended fairly quickly. Perhaps, we can get them both in a proper competition to see who can cycle the furthest, who has the most teeth or the biggest penis. Yes, it’s that ridiculous!

Or maybe we should examine the style of play, the number of mistakes, poor choices in team selection, or what coloured kits the side played in when it lost. If this is supposed to prove anyone’s point, in particular, I’m slightly lost.


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Emery got a bum deal – I will concede that Emery never really had a chance at Arsenal, having been caught up in the chaos of a morphing club behind the scenes. He made no choices and had no control, so what did anyone expect, he couldn’t even get the players of his choice in the transfer window.

Arteta, at least, has lost the unqualified and dubious influence of Raul Sanllehi and can choose his own players with the support of his technical director Edu. Moving forward, Arsenal and Arteta have to continue to find their style and the will to win. That’s not easy, sometimes it’s painful, but the path to progress and success often is.

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