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It’s time to Gozil as the Arsenal midfielders career disappears before his eyes.

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It’s time to Gozil as the Arsenal midfielder’s career disappears before his eyes. Latest reports suggest that Arsenal football club are working frantically behind the scenes to rid themselves of Mesut Ozil.

On paper, he was one of the talents of a generation, able to create chances out of absolutely nothing and see things that others were oblivious to but sadly, as in many cases, Mesut Ozil has failed to deliver on that talent.

It’s not as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, it’s just an inert trait within the player that prevents him reaching his full potential.

I have tried to be patient, impartial and objective but after the Europa league final, the last wisp of resistance seemed to leave the stadium along with the trophy.

Emery has long harboured doubts about the players comment and work ethic, which had resulted in periods on the bench or at home in the sofa. Emery concluded that Özil wasn’t up for the intense heat of battle and lacked the desire to control midfield under heavy fire.

He was hand picked for the lesser teams and even then failed to shine, but when an opportunity did come his way to showcase his talent, he complacently let it pass him by, untroubled by his average performances.

Ozil gives the impression, rightly or wrongly, that it’s just a game and that he is not under pressure to provide the goods to justify his monstrous salary. So, if he can’t shine in a game against Bournemouth, Cardiff or Brighton, how will he ever do it against the top five of the premiership or the elite of Europe.

It’s all a bit John Barnes.

Remember the wonder goal against Brazil in 1984 which was supposed to lead to big things on the world stage, but never did, the same could be said if Ozil. His goal against Ludogorets in 2016’s Champions League was the launchpad for his Arsenal career. Unfortunately, it was a sublime flash in the pan, a solitary insight into the promise of someone that couldn’t be fulfilled.

At least, Barnes ran riot in the league and enjoyed maximum success with a Liverpool side that dominated the majority of that period.

So now, all these elements have caught up with the German, who has suffered unprecedented scrutiny from the media, press, fans and impartial observers and we all have to admit his time has run out. Ozil

For Arsenal to get back on track as a club, it’s key that the midfielder leaves. Time for Ozil to pack his bags and Gozil.

Simple as it sounds, Arsenal will have to work hard to offload their Jonah. They will suffer a significant financial loss on their initial investment of up to £20m. That how much the player’s stock has devalued and the bad news doesn’t stop there.

They may also have to pay a significant portion of his wage until he leaves permanently, a double whammy and a tragic statement on the player.

Who will take him ? Where will he go and who can afford to pay the inflated wages of a player who rarely turns up and puts in a shift.

It’s been said that Ozil couldn’t really fail at Real Madrid because of the depth of quality but at Arsenal, a mediocre team at best, he is constantly in the spotlight with expectation on his shoulders.


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Expectation that may have broken him.

However you look at this situation, Ozil just doesn’t fit or belong. The coach has no belief or trust. He doesn’t fit with the system and can’t deliver at the highest level.

This could be the biggest challenge facing Unai Emery and potentially the most important transfer of the season.

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