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Post Match Analysis | Watching Arsenal Labour Against Everton is Hard Work

Arsenal vs Everton

Thierry Henry says he doesn’t recognise Arsenal, I’m not surprised because hardly any of the players would have made it into the sides he was fortunate to be part of. Watching Arsenal against Everton was another difficult and draining experience and I’ll freely admit that I fell asleep for the final 15 minutes.

My pulse rate had dropped so low that I was put into an involuntary sleep due to a dreary and meaningless nature of a game between two mid-table sides. I don’t want to pretend any longer in a hugely disappointing season that I’m satisfied or patient, but at least my loyalty is undiminished despite a series of toe-curling performances that were the work of much lower opposition.

No disrespect to Mikel Arteta, but the inclusion of Nketiah instead of Balogun or Martinelli is yet another head-scratcher that is utterly annoying. I’m not going into too much detail on the match because Arsenal yet again ventured into the world of tippy-tappy backwards and sideways football and eventually, they got what they deserved…nothing.

The Gunners were on the cusp of a penalty until VAR found Pepe’s cuff was offside. Another utterly ridiculous decision from a system so terrible that it’s slowly destroying the game. Arteta’s side must dread the official judgements in all its forms, but let’s be clear that although they’ve had no luck and bad luck in equal measure, they aren’t consistent or good enough to challenge for top honours.

Everton secured all three points from a dreadful Leno own goal, but suddenly it occurred to me that it didn’t matter, Arsenal were so completely off the pace that I’d become anesthetised to another loss in a truly awful contest that burst Arsenal’s laughable hopes of joining a Europen Super League. My god, Spurs, Arsenal, and now talk of Celtic and Rangers in addition to the other slippery four from these shores, it makes one howl out loud with laughter but sadly, I doubt those I’ve mentioned will get the joke.

Arsenal were once again unbelievably poor and if they play this way against Villarreal, then the season will be concluded very soon. I certainly don’t want that and there’s part of me that expects this Jekyll and Hyde version of Arsenal to save their season by at least putting on a show.


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There’s always the nagging doubt that they’ll throw it away in a split second against a fairly ordinary but well organised Emery side, but Arteta’s side seem intent on breaking records for all the wrong reasons. Arsenal are on the verge of their worst showing for over twenty years in the Premier League and this loss to Everton was in the making for 25 years, it’s one disappointment after another.

If there were a button to end the season, I’d push it. I just can’t watch more of this and it troubles me what lays ahead next season and beyond. I can’t remember the last time things looked this bleak and I certainly can’t remember not wanting to watch.

Stay tuned to know more!

The Highbury Flyer
Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

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