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Arsene Wenger speaks on doing deadline day deals- ‘You call each other a lot’

Arsene Wenger, Arsedevils

Can we expect Arsene Wenger to pull off another Mesut Ozil on deadline day ?

Arsene Wenger has hinted there’s still a chance for a number of transfer activity to come on transfer Deadline Day following Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s move to Liverpool.

Speaking to Arsenal’s official website before the deadline day, here’s what Arsene Wenger has had to say about doing dealings on deadline day :

“I wake up very early every day, transfer deadline day or not. You’re on alert and you look around Europe. The phone is red-hot most of the time. “It depends whether you’re a buyer or a seller, or whether you’re both. If you’re a buyer, you have to put pressure on a club very early because you know you need some time for administration, for regulations, to get approval from the Premier League, to finalise their contracts. “Usually, your lawyers inside the club are on alert and know they will have a sleepless night. Then there’s a transfer deadline that you have to respect. Usually, it’s not an enjoyable day because it’s a huge pressure on the day. “When you sell, it’s similar because the club who buys has to make the decision and the player has to agree on the last day. There’s a lot of uncertainty on the day and sometimes that is the most difficult thing. “You have four or five different cases and then you share the work. One does that, one does that, and so on. Overall, you have to coordinate and you call each other a lot ”   

Well recieving so much heat is clearly bound to heat up the phone.

But going by the reports circulating in the press today its highly unlikely that we are on the verge of signing anybody at.

Although in terms of outgoings we are not done yet and a couple of other player might walk through the exit door at Emirates.

Check out our deadline day transfer news updates post to know more.

Till then lets hope that its just not another day and something worthwhile might just happen.

But then again we are the Arsenal so …..


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