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News of Wenger’s return is exaggerated and another example of press desperation

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Recent news that Arsenal have approached former boss Arsene Wenger about a possible return to the club is quite possibly the work of a desperate or befuddled journalist. For Wenger to even contemplate a return to the club he managed for 22 years, would be a total embarrassment to a man who was so publicly shamed by the way he was dismissed.

As for the Arsenal hierarchy, surely they have enough heads of department in a schizophrenic structure where no one ultimately has control and the blame can easily be apportioned to a collection of fashionable scapegoats.

Arsene Wenger is a loyal man, someone who would never want to indulge himself in the antics of the Arsenal board or participate in their self serving levels skulduggery.

If Wenger were to return, in what capacity would that be apart from some wishy washy ambassador or pointless cheer leading role. A man of Wenger’s stature, with the Frenchman’s pride, would never allow it. He also knows that a return to the club that he gave so much would frustrate him if he had no purpose or power. The emotional attachment he had with the club had a devastating impact on his professional life.

Since his departure Arsenal have truly never been the same. A loss of identity, change of priorities, nature of players being scouted and targeted, everything has been in a state of flux and naturally that has culminated in a series of issues on the field as well. With Arsenal having their lowest points tally at this point of the season in the last 114 years years, it hard to see things turning around at this point.

The end of Wenger’s Arsenal career was sour and it has probably left a lasting scar that may never heal. He managed to decline all subsequent offers at club level because he didn’t feel he could commit in the same way as he had done with the gunners.

It was all too early for him, mainly because Arsene Wenger still stands by his beliefs and lives by his principals. Unfortunately, he inhabits a world were those attributes are less important and are second to results.

Would he come back ? He’d be mad to and what would that say about Arsenal’s board or owner ? No, no, Wenger is better off away from North London in his role as Chief of Global Football Development.


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It’s a title that allows him to travel extensively, encouraging men, women and children to excel in the game all over the world. Wenger talks about football and people are instantly engaged. He makes sense with his considered opinions and is pragmatic when he needs to be.

Arsenal might be in need of those skills, but Arsene Wenger is less dependent on Arsenal these days.

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