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Will Arteta Ever be Allowed to do his job With This Cloud of Judgemental, Inconsistent Supporters and a Restrictive Emirates Hierarchy

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So the season is entering a crucial end phase and Mikel Arteta has had an endless stream of injuries and complex personnel issues to resolve without the benefit of being in charge for pre-season. This collection of facts doesn’t appear to worry a particular group of unforgiving Arsenal fans who are now unhappy with the performances under the former Arsenal skipper.

If Arteta wanted a challenge, it’s hard to see how he could have picked a bigger one because he has inherited a shockingly disjointed team which is led by a bunch disorganised, egocentric, non footballing heads of department.

The fact that Edu is arguably the most knowledgable person worthy of being called a football professional says it all. Edu aside, who only gets out of jail at the moment because of his involvement in the Martinelli transfer, the rest are bean counters and marketing executives with no clue of how to run a football club.

Raul Sanllehi is fast becoming the Ivan Gazidis to a new generation of success starved fans and the premature fireworks and whistles that followed the summer transfer window, where he sucked up the credit, gave way to the realisation that the players bought in without the wisdom and vision of a football manager don’t tend to make a functional team.

If Emery wanted an excuse, it was this, not the club’s apathetic followers who had endured failure and price hikes for over ten years.

Now Arteta has the reigns, he can only do so much on the training pitch. There is only so much one can do including massage egos, restore confidence and re-educate, the rest is down to a collection of players that function together and unfortunately for Arteta, he still has to find another 5 or 6.

To use one of my analogies, the engine has been built without seeing the design of the car, it’s only when it’s paired that you realise the two won’t fit together harmoniously. It’s probably clear to many that there isn’t room for Lacazette, Aubameyang or Ozil and by next season you can expect at least two out of these three to have left.

Arteta needs to build from the back and he certainly needs a strong, reliable, consistent and creative midfield to provide goals for the strike force. Both Emery and Wenger seemed deluded enough to think that as long as you had two excellent strikers the rest would fall into place, but Arteta has had the luxury of looking at a broken Arsenal from afar.

If results aren’t good enough at the moment, don’t blame Arteta ! Fans need to realise that Arsenal are possibly four seasons further away from contending than they were when Emery arrived.

Yes it’s that bad !

If Arsenal don’t clear out and acquire genuine quality in the key areas this summer, the board have consigned Arsenal to more predictable failure and they’ve ensured another manager’s exit. Someone, somewhere needs to halt the decline and put Arsenal back on track but it’s going to take a lot of time and money, but will they allow Arteta to do the job ?

That’s the biggest question of all because recent history suggests Arteta won’t get a say in who comes in to the club. He will be asked about what type of player he needs but then the scouts, Edu and Sanllehí will do the rest and there’s a real chance of history repeating itself.

Kroenke needs to call Sanllehí and tell him to concentrate on raising the cash whilst leaving the football matters to the football people. He fucked it up at Barcelona and he’s doing the same so far at Arsenal.


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The jiggle at the top had only made things more complicated and less productive and it’s time to cut back on the chiefs and get a number of chefs out of the kitchen.

At Arsenal’s peak in the 90’s, Wenger told Dein who he wanted, Dein got the signature. Their was trust in each other’s ability and in the time they were together, Arsenal had never had such success.

Time to go old school !

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