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Start From Scratch: Arteta May Have to Build From Back to Front in the Summer as Massive Overhaul Beckons

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It’s been a dizzy few seasons for Arsenal fans. First, we saw Wenger out, Emery in, Emery out and Arteta in, but fans are still waiting for the return of ‘our Arsenal’ and it appears that no one can find a solution to the problem. Arteta brings new energy and I believe he could make a difference, but just not with this group of players. It’s getting more difficult to see who is worth their place in the side and who is worth their wage.

When the problem is so close to home, it’s hard to see the most obvious route to put things right and it’s proving to be something that money alone won’t solve it.

Looking at the side with even the most loyal eyes and passionate heart, it’s a team that is completely disjointed. Arsenal are a collection of parts that don’t compliment each other in any way. They lack a nucleus and spine and the identity of the club has been lost.

They have been assembled with no thought of how they combine and the majority were drafted in as cheap alternatives/deputies or as eager prospects. After years of neglect under Stan Kroenke’s broken business model, Arteta has to sort out the mess left behind by Wenger, Gazidis, and Emery.

Those that want Arteta out fail to understand the problem and are looking for a quick fix, but that’s not coming anytime soon. Arteta didn’t buy this collection of makeshift misfits and wasn’t responsible for the path Arsenal decided to take. It will take the Spaniard time and Arsenal will have to spend over the course of the next three seasons to become competitive once more.


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The brutal truth is few will survive the next season or two and in some cases, the quality players they have maybe moved on to find a better balance.

So what does Arteta do? What can he do?

Well, he hasn’t had the best season, not even a full season and the problems were there well before his arrival. Problems he will have noted from the City bench as he watched his previous club chew up and spit out the Gunners without any fight or objection.

Arteta is aware that he can’t splash the cash to bolster the squad to the degree he would like and worse still, he won’t be able to get rid of all the deadwood at Arsenal in one transfer window. If he could, I’m confident that Arteta would try to find clubs for up to 8 or 9 senior players. You can mention 7 names immediately without much effort and no doubt, Arsenal’s head coach has similar ideas on those treading water at the club.


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Fans need to bide their time because this road is going to be unforgiving, but extremely familiar. It’s going to be long and uncomfortable, seemingly without any light at the end of the tunnel. If you can’t make the journey or are not up for the struggle or fight, you need to find another pastime, sport or club.

Liverpool haven’t been in contention for a Premier League title for 30 years and George Graham’s Arsenal ended 18 years of misadventure with a 2-0 away win against Liverpool at Anfield in 1989.

Football isn’t something that stands still and teams that pursue a business model often end up struggling to find the successes they enjoyed before. The bottom line is – No matter what, I support Arsenal and Arteta. What about you?

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