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Why Arteta and Henry are simply too big a risk to consider replacing Wenger

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Let’s assume the inevitable has happened. Arsene Wenger has finally been put out of his misery and the Managers position is vacant.

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Many have suggested that either Arteta, currently with Manchester City or Henry, currently with the Belgium national squad , would be an ideal replacements.
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Let’s take a breath at this point. Common sense dictates that Arsenal would be better placed to look at either Joachim Low or Antonio Conte to fill the Frenchman’s shoes for a number of reasons.

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Both Mikel Arteta and Thierry Henry are simply too much of a gamble at this stage ,with too little experience between them to even merit an offer to take the helm.

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The situation at Arsenal at present, is dire,
and it will need a seasoned managers touch to turn the tide.[spacer height=”30px”]

Although both former players would bring an instant feel good factor to the club , neither has dealt with the obvious problems associated with the top flight football management ,nor have they suffered the pressures of inexplicable blips or poor form.[spacer height=”30px”]

This Arsenal squad is not representative of the teams that they both played in at their peaks and whoever comes in , will need to put the side through major surgery , which again , both are not used to .[spacer height=”30px”]

Neither one has had to experience this type of upheaval and level of reconstruction. It will need a manager able to identify the weakness of the squad and focus on the personnel they need to strengthen it.[spacer height=”30px”]

Arsenal will need someone versed in the European arena , not as a player but as a coach at the highest level , able to understand the necessary tactics required on the World stage.[spacer height=”30px”]

It’s going to be a media circus when Wenger calls it a day or his employers finally come to their senses and do what’s right for the club.[spacer height=”30px”]

Names will be put forward almost hourly , some of which may be genuine contenders , others like Arteta and Henry are purely imaginative fancies.[spacer height=”30px”]

Arsenal need to get the appointment right and as such, they can not afford to go down an experimental route but that’s not to say that either of the former players will not be considered some distance into the future.[spacer height=”30px”]

My own personal favourite is Diego Simeone but I suspect we will be closer if we consider Low or Conte. Conte’s position at Chelsea is now at breaking point. Constant arguments behind the scenes are making his position untenable and it has been obvious in recent months that the Italian is desperately unhappy with the interference from above. If the Arsenal job were to become available, he would be free from those types of distractions because they believe in allowing the manager to manage , something┬áthat would certainly be attractive to the current Chelsea boss.[spacer height=”30px”]


These are times of uncertainty at Arsenal football club. I’ve never known things as bad as they currently are but if change is due , then the club needs to go for experience , perhaps inviting one or both of the former players into the structure to become the heir apparent, but not as a substitute for the beleaguered Frenchman.

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