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Was This the Moment That we All Knew Aubameyang Was Going to Stay

Aubameyang Bukayo Saka

Both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Bukayo Saka were involved in negotiations for contract extensions at the time of the Norwich game which Arsenal won comfortably 0-4. It’s difficult to gauge any particular incident in a game but when the Gabon striker scored his second and came out of his full somersault, Aubameyang went to celebrate with the 18-year-old Bukayo Saka.

Did we miss something? Was it a symbol of solidarity between two players on the verge of renewing their contracts?

Aubameyang Bukayo Saka

You can read too much into these gestures and seemingly insignificant moments, especially, when you want a positive outcome from a situation, but I tend to look at it from a positive perspective as we all await news of the club and player’s decision.

On the plus side, Aubameyang and his family are known to be happy in the capital even during the Covid-19 lockdown and the striker has established an affinity with his fans. Compare that with his last season at Dortmund, where he was dropped twice and the fans treated him to banners which declared “No player is bigger than our club

There was said to be friction between the striker and Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel but at Arsenal, his relationship with Arteta is one of trust, respect, and admiration. Are any of these points relevant to Aubameyang signing a contract?

Well yes, it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the deal in the end, the length of the contract, and the wages, but that’s irrelevant if the player isn’t happy at the club. There are also assurances to be found that Arsenal and Aubameyang are on the same page and have the same ambitions but Arteta is a persuasive coach. Moreover odds are increasingly starting to favour Arsenal’s chances of securing a long term contract extension for Aubameyang as a number of major punters like real money pokies online are gradually pushing the odds of other clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid signing him in the summer. 


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Will he sign? It still looks possible as Arsenal are trying to stretch their finances to guarantee the player a possible £250,000 per week. However, various incentives could take his potential earnings to that figure and both parties are looking at the options.

It’s a fact that Arsenal could be in the relegation zone, but for Aubameyang’s goals. Next season his goals could be vital to present a challenge for European places. Hurry up and sign!

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