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Bellerin thinks Arsenal can be like Chelsea and win the league


Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin believes that Chelsea’s Premier League title win last season after their poor start proves that the Gunners have a chance of going all the way irrespective of their poor start to the season already.

Pointing out the manner in which Chelsea suffered during the early part of the campaign, the 22 year old Spaniard believes in the teams ability to pull together a winning run of games after their early losses against Liverpool and Stoke City.

Arsenal managed to get their Premier League campaign back on track last weekend with a convincing 3-0 win against Bournemouth but that has done little to convince supporters about the teams mettle this season.

Chelsea stormed to the title last season by putting together a run of 13 consecutive premier league victories despite registering losses against both Arsenal and Liverpool during the early parts of the season.

And now Bellerin has gone on to speak about how consistency is the key to a title winning team and what me must learn from Chelsea and Manchester City’s Premier League campaign last season.

Bellerin believes Arsenal can do a Chelsea ( Image obtained via Daily Express)

Mentioning how Chelsea have done it last season by suffering losses early on whereas Manchester City faltered despite starting the season really well, Bellerin speaks about belief in their ability to emulate Chelsea by learning from their mistakes and putting together a consistent set of victories in order to win the league.

Speaking to International Business Times Arsenal Right Back Hector Bellerin seemed hopeful about their chances of winning the league saying :

“If we did not think that we could win the title, what we would we be doing here?” “It would not make any sense. We train every day very hard to be able to win the Premier League. It has only been two bad games.” “Look at how Chelsea began last season and how they ended up winning the title. “It doesn’t only matter how you start but to be consistent. Check the Chelsea results at the beginning of last season. They had a difficult time too, they lost two games and won several games in the last minutes. Then, they won 13 consecutive games and eventually won the Premier League. “Manchester City, however, started very well and then faded out. The important thing is to be consistent throughout the season. We have had two bad games but we now have six points and we have to look forward.”  

Its good to see that unlike the fans, the players like Bellerin atleast seem to have any sort of belief in their ability to do any good this season.

Fact that they draw any sort of inspiration from Chelsea is also good to hear because there are a number of genuine things to be learned from their Title winning campaign last year.

They lost 3-0 against their bitter rivals us and let it effect them to such an extent that they simply refused to lose from the next game onwards, marching to the title with a 13 game winning run and equaling our long held record.

Their manager passionately drove the team forward and refused to let his team lose belief in themselves, certainly that is something that the people at the Emirates need to replicate this season if they are to develop and maintain the much famed and acclaimed “mental strength” in order to properly sustain a successful title challenge.

Lets see how our team plays out during the weekend against that passionate manager and his team of Premier League winners before putting too much faith in our teams title hopes this season.

Till the next time.

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