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Brazil Vs Switzerland : Three Incredible Things Learned From The Game As Swiss Put Up A Brave Fight to Spoil the Samba Party

Brazil Vs Switzerland, FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia

Brazil made a stuttering start to their FIFA World Cup campaign as Brazil Vs Switzerland ended in an annoying 1-1 draw in the second Group E match.

Brazil were touted to win the Brazil Vs Switzerland like a walk in the park but the Red Crosses dug in deep to deny Brazil a win in their opening fixture for the first time since FIFA World Cup 1978.

With Serbia winning the Group E opener against Costa Rica with a 1-0 margin, Brazil needs to bind up fast if they do not want another bad ending to their World Cup campaign. However, this World Cup has already seen its fair of the surprises with a 3-3 draw between Spain and Portugal, 1-0 upset for Germany by the Mexicans and history being made by VAR in France Vs Australia.

Although Brazil Vs Switzerland game ended in a draw, they looked quite at ease during the match going forward at will but failing to score. This was all but not completely disastrous overall.

The Brazilians looked to be in full control in the first half after a scorching opener from Philippe Coutinho but slowed down in the second half as Switzerland tried to get in. Switzerland eeked out a hard fought and well deserved 1 point from the Brazil Vs Switzerland game.

However, Brazil came on strong during the closing stages of the game with Miranda, Neymar and Firminho all getting close to the Switzerland goal, but missed the mark.

Let us discuss the important points that should be noted from this Brazil Vs Switzerland fixture.

Philippe Coutinho: The Saviour

Brazil dominated the first half looking like favourites to win the World Cup, but stalled after scoring their opener. They had as many as 20 shots taken but most being half-chances or outside the box effort. However, one of them found the back of the net.

Phillippe Coutinho looked absolutely calm and composed when he took the 20-yard plus shot at the Switzerland goal. The goal was pure delight to the eyes as Brazil raced to a 1-0 lead within 20 minutes of the first half.

It was a tough, curling shot from Coutinho that Sommer couldn’t see at all but we could see as Coutinho got the ball in his best area. It was a trademark Philippe Coutinho goal.

The Path Ahead Is Rough For Neymar

It was clear from the first whistle of the Brazil Vs Switzerland match, that the Swiss won’t go easy on the star forward. Specially, Swiss player Valon Behrami looked to get some physical contact whenever the PSG man touched the ball.

Every team knows that Neymar is not 100% fit and it was evident last night that Behrami was targeting his injured right foot. This isn’t something new to the star players who attract fouls from opponent players with their style of play.

However, this is not any tournament or club game, this is the FIFA World Cup and no team will let any kind of distraction occur to them. They won’t even think twice before dealing a blow on Neymar which is not good news for Brazil.

Moreover, there is not much that can be done about this from Brazil’s standpoint. This is just the beginning for Neymar to get such treatment in the tournament. The path ahead is rough and it’s up to him to adapt.

Switzerland Are Not To Be Underestimated

Brazil are the favourites to top the group as well as the subsequent knock-out stages but Switzerland also proved their worth in the Brazil Vs Switzerland match.

The stage looked set for Brazil to score a few more but the Swiss players had other ideas. Their back four alongside Granit Xhaka and Behrami kept the Brazilian attack in check for the rest of the match.

Even their keeper Yann Sommer was alert all throughout the game giving some finger-tip saves to deny the Selecao another goal. Although, Switzerland didn’t have much of attacking, they weren’t dominated either. They looked calm and composed blocking every other Brazil effort to move forward.

Moreover, the Swiss grabbed a point from their toughest group stage match when Steven Zuber scored the equaliser with a header. If they keep up this kind of defensive effort, they are surely not to be underestimated going ahead into the tournament.


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