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Saka Confirms His Emerging Superstar Status With England

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Bukayo Saka may not have stolen the tournament’s limelight at the Euro’s but he is adding to his reputation as one of the brightest stars in England to emerge for club and country in some years. Saka has managed to catch the eye despite the heroics of Raheem Sterling and a host of other promising youngsters and he’s not even reached the peak of his potential.

Saka hasn’t always started for England but when he has, he’s taken each opportunity to show the depth of his talent and Arsenal fans must be smacking their lips at the prospect of a new and full season ahead of them. The player only knows one direction, forward, and every time he receives the ball, you can see a green light go on as he shifts through the gears and bursts into the opposition’s area.

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His valuation curiously bounces around in an upward direction and has been driven by a series of excellent performances and suddenly, a player worth around £20m has become a £58.5m asset and currently, he appears to be valued at over £100m.

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At the time of writing this, England face a semi-final clash with Denmark and we wait to see if Bukayo Saka will have a starring role in a team with plenty of available options. My personal feeling is that he must start, not just because he’s an Arsenal player but because he and Sterling could cut Denmark to ribbons early on.

All this international experience is adding to the ‘Saka potential’ and Arsenal can fully expect clubs to come knocking for his services over the next couple of seasons. Arsenal need to ensure that the youngsters who will eventually take a starting role in the Gunners transformation need to be retained and kept together in the hope that they can turn Arsenal back into contenders. Saka will no doubt be a huge star whether that happens or not.

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