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Eric Cantona slams Jose Mourinho and Believes he should be shown the Door for Ryan Giggs

Cantona on Mourinho

Manager Jose Mourinho has been under fire for string of poor performances by Manchester United all this season. Eric Cantona, former Manchester United legend who won 4 Premier League titles with them believes that the club needs to move on from their current manager. Red Devils sits currently at 10th position and already out of English League Cup, knocked out by second tier side Derby County.

Only to make the matters worse, there have been many rumors of a fallout between the Portuguese and many key players namely Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba and skipper Antonio Valencia. Moreover, the poor display against Juventus in the Champions League fixture just added fuel to fire.

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“It’s not the right man for the right woman. It’s the way you play. 

You can lose games but you take risks. You lose against Juventus and they have 70 percent possession of the ball at Old Trafford.

Could you imagine that with Ferguson on the bench?”

– Eric Cantona on Mourinho[/perfectpullquote]

The former Chelsea boss has been heavily criticized for playing a very boring football. In the League where rivals like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are playing brilliant, entertaining football but United have been sluggish and very defensive. Despite scoring 5 goals in last 2 League games against Chelsea and Bournemouth, both came after the reds were trailing.

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“I suffer and I suffer even more when I see [Manchester City] play so wonderfully.

I think kids needs to have an example. They need great players, great movements, creative football to identify themselves to a player or a team.

And I think they are now losing a generation of young players.

These young players identify themselves to the way City play. Can we accept that? No.”

– Cantona[/perfectpullquote]

United Legend also believes Ryan Giggs is the perfect man for the job since he has played for the club for a very long time and so not only knows the club in and out but now also has got some good experience following his roles as an assistant at Manchester United itself and then head coach of Wales.

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“At United, they never give a chance to a player who knows the club from the inside, who knows the identity and philosophy of the club,’

‘I don’t want people to think I’m saying this because I want to be manager of Manchester United. It’s just the truth.

‘Giggs? Any player who wants to be the manager they should give them the chance.”

– Cantona on Giggs[/perfectpullquote]

Manchester United who are sitting at 10th position in league table are playing 5th placed Bournemouth on Saturday in a very interesting Premier League fixture.

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