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Why Ozil And Mkhitaryan Should Be Genuinely Worried As Emery Injects Invention Back Into The Arsenal Midfield

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Ozil and Mkhitaryan should be worried as Emery injects invention back into the Arsenal midfield in the form of Dani Ceballos.

Last season highlighted the gunners obvious failures and shortcomings in Arsenal’s defence but it was also apparent that there was little or no creativity in the middle, with Ozil disappearing altogether and Mkhitaryan massively underperforming.

Enter Dani Ceballos to stir things up and add a dash of inventiveness, flair and artistic swagger to Arsenal’s engine room. Now if I were Özil or Mkhitaryan, I’d be deeply worried that my days were numbered, especially if the Spaniard hits the ground running.

Ceballos is hardworking, attack minded midfielder that can play either 8 or 10 and that is a direct threat to both players in the Arsenal side but don’t feel too sorry for either, its only what they’ve bought on themselves by showing a lack of ambition, consistency and intensity.

The great shame is that it’s only for a season and just as soon as fans get used to seeing this dynamic 22 year old, Ceballos will be on his way back to Madrid to assume his role on the bench.

One can only hope that Real splash the cash on Paul Pogba and as a result that there’s no room for Ceballos. Even then. Arsenal would have to spend big money to secure Ceballos on a long term and you could probably start the bidding at £35m.

With a good season in North London, that sum could easily swell to £45m plus, which is slightly rich for Arsenal’s accountants. For anyone not familiar with the skill set of Dani Ceballos, click the link and you won’t be disappointed

Emery was obviously quite happy to secure a quality player after a number of setbacks and glitches of the Ceballos loan Emery said:

“We’re excited to see Dani join us. He is a talented player with big technical ability, creativity and precision.”

Elsewhere the transfer of Celtic’s Kieran Tierney limps on because of Arsenal’s reluctance to pay a bulk figure upfront but talkSPORT correspondent Alex Crook believes a deal is ‘inching closer’

I’m not the only one questioning Arsenal’s current priorities in the transfer window, having already stated that I felt Zaha was overrated and overpriced, I have been banging on about centre backs since the season ended and it appears that Harry ‘of the jungle’ Redknapp is in agreement and on Alan Brazil’s Talksport show he asked,

“What has happened to Arsenal? Years ago, when Arsenal wanted a player they went and got him. We keep talking about the kid at Celtic [Tierney], who is a good left-back, but they need central defenders, surely. You talk to an Arsenal fan and they’d tell you – in the back four, their two centre halves are not good enough, they’re going to lose [Laurent] Koscielny, he’s got a problem and he wants out, and they’re short in midfield.”

Ceballos at least makes a major contribution towards the midfield crisis but as for the defence, Saliba won’t start this term, Koscielny has ensured his departure and Arsenal can’t give Mustafi away.

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