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Dani Ceballos Brings Back Shades of Cazorla as He Lights Up The Emirates Against Burnley

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Saturday at the Emirates against Burnley, Dani Ceballos made his full debut along with David Luiz but the imaginative and creative little Spaniard stole the show with a display full of class, vision and endeavour.

All those bemoaning another loan signing must be acting very sheepish at the moment by keeping hold of their opinions, whilst seeking a low profile because Ceballos is certainly not Denis Suarez in disguise.

Ceballos sparkled in an Arsenal shirt, oozing confidence and looking like he’d been wearing red and white for years instead of a few weeks. Suddenly, fans got to see the type of midfielder they had been missing since they cruelly lost Santi Cazorla to injury.

It’s all there: talent, desire, competitive spirit, craft, artistry and work rate. Mr. Ozil take note! It takes more than one World Cup win or one decent season in the Premier League to cement a reputation as a quality midfielder.

After the game, as we gathered our breath and steadied our nerves with a beer, it was inevitable that excited Gooners discussed Ceballos, his performance and of course, Santi Cazorla.

Comparisons can’t be made after one game, that’s just lunacy and wishful thinking, but his performance against the Clarets was a masterclass and a delight to behold in an area of the field where Arsenal just haven’t been dominant.

So many games have been lost because of a weak general attitude, but mainly a failure to control or attack the centre of the park. Now Emery has the spirited Ceballos and the energetic Joe Willock, who fights for possession and every lost cause.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what Arsenal need, not just in midfield but all over the pitch, the mentality with which Ceballos played. It had been incredibly predictable during the tail end of Wenger’s era. Get physical , suffocate the free flow passing and get the points. As the goals went in, the heads dropped especially that of Mesut Ozil, who would make a shocking poker player.

The German wears the expression of a hungry child stood outside McDonald’s whilst his Mother chats happily to an old neighbour. What Arsenal need is what they’ve recently tried to buy. Passion and desire, which comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and price ranges.

Ceballos is a fantastic addition to the squad as a loan, but at this rate, Real Madrid will increase the asking fee substantially or just take him back into the side, which will be a bitter pill to swallow.

What a pity that an outright deal couldn’t be done but I guess at the end of the loan spell, if Real can’t offer Ceballos regular football, if he enjoys his time in North London or if Real reinforce in his position – that’s a lot of if’s – Arsenal might be able to offer Ceballos a deal which would probably eclipse the £70+ million paid for Pepe.

In all likelihood, if the Ceballos deal were possible I doubt fans would see a flurry of transfer activity but that would be fine with me. Too early to make any sort of judgements but on what we’ve seen from the Spaniard, he could well help with Arsenal’s Champions league aspirations this season and bring excitement to the heart of the midfield.

I think that Emery has one last conversation to deliver to Ozil. No use pretending anymore or making more excuses, Arsenal need to cut all ties.

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