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Petr Cech Involved In Twitter Battle With Bayer Leverkusen For All The Wrong Reasons


The Premier League kicked-off for Arsenal as they hosted Manchester City in their opening game. But apart from the Gunners losing the battle on the pitch, one Gunner, Petr Cech soon lost one on Twitter.

To everyone’s surprise the veteran goalkeeper started the game and the Arsenal half as supporters bore witness to seeing the former Czech international nearly scoring an own goal.

Under the new management, Unai Emery’s team opted to play from behind just like Pep’s style of playing. But due to this the former Chelsea goalkeeper, under pressure, almost squeezed the ball in his own net. The new style of playing opted by the Londoners made the keeper uncomfortable and it was evident that he was not suitable for such tactics. Cech did make few amazing saves like the one-on-one against Sergio Aguero, but things could’ve taken a turn for the worse.

There were many questions raised for choosing the 36-year-old rather than Leno, who the North Londoners signed from Bayer Leverkusen for a fee of £19.2 million. The Emirates side had bought the German goalkeeper for such tactics, but despite that the new manager decided to bench the former Bayer Leverkusen goalkeeper.

The own goal incident became a huge talking point that everyone started teasing the veteran goalkeeper on the internet. The video of Cech almost scoring an own goal instigated socializing on Twitter and this led to Bayer Leverkusen’s English account getting involved as they tried to have some banter.

The German side replied to the video which showed the Arsenal goalkeeper’s error saying “We might know a guy…”, reminding everyone of their former keeper, and after that posted a 29-second video of their former goalkeeper playing from behind for Leverkusen with a caption stating “In case you all were wondering how to play out of the back…”

Clearly German side were joking around and just wanted to see their former No. 1 in action, a thought not share by the Arsenal keeper.

Leverkusen took a dig at Czech veteran’s horrible error and this led to many users retweeting it and many found it hilarious. And everyone was waiting to see how the Arsenal shot-stopper would react to this. Finally, on Monday evening, Cech posted on social media hitting back at the German club for the absence of ‘professionalism’ in them.

After this Leverkusen replied to Petr Cech saying that their original post was just a joke and nothing else also the German side applauded his performance against the Citizens.

After the game against City, Cech stated that he is comfortable we the new approach of playing under the new manager.

“I have to say that I enjoy it because I played under different managers with different styles and over most of my career I was always asked to play long, so this is a pleasant change for me and it will be very useful when you want to beat a team who controls the game through possession,” he told

Meanwhile, former Blackburn and Chelsea striker Chris Sutton thought otherwise and said:

“I think it was a big call picking Cech over Leno. They spent £20m on a goalkeeper and he’s going to sit on the bench?”

“I don’t think Cech had a good season last season so I think it’s a risk if Arsenal is going to play like that. If Unai Emery is going to back Cech as his number one, I’m not so sure he’s got that right.”

@bayer04_en is one of the few official club accounts that actually interact and banter with the fans. Merely wanting to just see their former star in action and joking about it isn’t worth being offended by and the ex-Chelsea man ironically shows the lack of professionalism he accused Leverkusen of. Fair criticism should be taken and accepted and not be ignored as ‘bad values’.

No matter what Cech says that he is comfortable with new playing style but his performance against the defending champions made it clear otherwise. Emery’s next game is against the London rivals, Chelsea and if they make the same mistake, it is going to cost them. Leno should be the preferred choice goalkeeper should the manager decide to play from the back.

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