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Put up or Pull Out, Arsenal Fans Need Clarity

Daniel Ek, Arsenal, Stan Kroenke

I completely agree with Martin Samuel (Daily Mail) that if businessman Daniel Ek is serious about buying Arsenal football club, then a formal bid should be made official to absent owner Stan Kroenke. The co-founder and billionaire music mogul from Spotify threw his hat in the ring on Twitter to announce his interest and it became clear that there was some level of intent with the involvement of former Arsenal legends Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, and Patrick Vieira, but details of any move remain scarce.

No doubt there’s contact to be established by Ek’s representatives and a bid to be tabled which, depending on which rag you read, wavers between £1.5B & £2.5B, but one imagines that a stubborn and belligerent Kroenke won’t even get to the phone for that amount.

Arsenal’s current owner who has many sporting interests that have felt the icy hand of a global pandemic will be looking at twice the top figure to even consider yielding the jewel in an otherwise wet cardboard crown. Invisible Stan will only fold if the figure in his mind allows him to give up his top asset without being seen as a quitter who capitulated to the pressure of fans.

That sort of mild embarrassment comes at a cost and both of the suggested figures don’t seem to be enough for him to admit defeat and walk away. Ek is good for the money with Spotify said to be worth £38B and with his worth said to be around £3.5B but it’s still just speculation without an agreement in place.

The last thing fans need after a season of complete disappointment is false hope and Daniel Ek and Co need to be mindful of raising the expectations of fragile fans who aren’t convinced by this version of Arsenal, its board, or its owner.


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EK needs to get the Kroenke’s to the table ASAP if a deal can be done and for reasons of clarity, but I’ve got a feeling that this may drag on a while longer which is disruptive to everyone involved with the club.

The final question is what role will the three former Arsenal legends play? Is Arteta’s position under threat and do we have to watch yet another period of restructuring ahead of a new season. Something to ponder.

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