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Is David Luiz the biggest mistake since Petr Cech, Fans Ponder the Last minute Panic Buy

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Chelsea have a habit of selling Arsenal shoddy goods and that trend continued after Petr Cech’s retirement. Arsenal thought they got a bargain in Cech for £10m (2015) but it was a deal that involved a keeper well past his best. They then blundered into securing the services of defender David Luiz, who on paper looked like a shrewd buy but Arsenal should have counted the fingers on their hands when they shook on the deal because it hasn’t worked out well so far.

Chelsea are the Trotters of football with a large suitcase full of clocks minus the hour hand, blenders without a blade and laptops that stop working after two hours.

Arsenal may well have been sold something similar because it’s clear that although Luiz is a good ball player, he’s best days are behind him as a centre back.

They may well have thought that they did well by selling off injury ravaged Laurent Koscielny for a ridiculous fee (£5m) but they paid an equally foolish amount (£8m) in the dying hours of the transfer window for the Brazilian.

David Luiz needs to be shunted into a defensive midfield role at this point in his career but Unai Emery, as always, can’t see it. Did it not occur to Arsenal that Chelsea were so keen to rid themselves of both and that had they thought they were worth holding on to, they would have.

Instead of bolstering the shaky defence with David Luiz , it’s just more of the same but Arsenal now have an extra perm in the side but with less impact. The hope is still that Luiz will come good but it may be the same as Cech in that respect. Odd games where the player does well but never consistently.

The only reason that Mourinho objected to the sale of Cech was that Arsene Wenger wanted him, that or it was a fiendish piece of psychology to make the Frenchman want him more for more money.

Luiz apparently fell out with Frank Lampard but I think that the former Chelsea legend knew that he had far better options in the centre back position. Lampard simply opened the door, waved him off and watched Luiz walk off into the distance, without a single regret in his biggest managerial role to date.

Oops ! It’s all so Arsenal, who are utterly terrible in the last hours of a transfer window.

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