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Transfer Revelation Regarding the Highly Coveted Ajax Captain Sparks Delight At Old Trafford

de Ligt, de Ligt linked to United

Matthijs De Ligt, only 19 years old, has already established quite a name for himself in the football world. The youngest ever captain of Dutch side Ajax has been simply exceptional this season. The club’s Champions League run turned many heads towards the youngsters of Ajax’s squad.

As the summer transfer window has just opened after the conclusion of the Premier League, there is high speculation regarding De Ligt’s future.

According to Luke Edwards of The Telegraph, one of the European giants behind the 19-year-old defender’s signature is Manchester United. Sources in Amsterdam say De Ligt is interested in a move to Manchester.

Manchester United have had a roller-coaster of a season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has an enormous list of potential targets for the club during this transfer window, De Ligt being high on that list.

This transfer window might see United getting extremely revamped. According to reports, Pogba is eager to move to Madrid. Amid speculations that a number of players are unhappy at Old Trafford following the wage cuts as a result of not qualifying for the Champions League, many key players are being targeted by other major European clubs.

As Metro reporters have said, Barcelona and Liverpool are extremely interested in getting De Light to sign for their sides. The biggest fear for United fans at this moment is that De Ligt might follow Frenkie De Jong, his former teammate.

Probably the most significant problem for Manchester United this season has been an disorganised defence. As the saying goes, “A good attack wins you games, but a good defence wins you titles.”

What better player than a mature, level-headed defender with an extremely sharp game sense, who has the talent of not just commanding the line of defence, but the entire team as well? Matthijs De Ligt has proven himself above and beyond any expectations placed on him.

De Ligt has a major decision lying ahead of him. Many a times, have we heard the story of famous footballers such as Kaka making decisions that led to a low in their career.

At the young age of 19, De Ligt has a life changing decision hanging ahead of him. A move to United will not offer him a shot at the Champions League, but will provide the experience of the Premier League, a league known for having the most testing standards all over the world. A move to Barcelona will offer him a chance to contest in the Champions League.

It is no secret that Matthijs De Ligt will have a much bigger role at United. Solskjaer will depend on him to organise the club’s defence on the pitch.

Barcelona already have a strong defence and will thus depend on De Ligt much lesser. His position as a starter is also debatable at Barcelona. A move to the Spanish side has not been beneficial to other talented players like Coutinho, who currently struggles to make it into the playing XI on most matchdays.

At this point, it is too early to tell which path De Ligt will head down. Nevertheless, this transfer window promises to have a lot of entertainment for football fans.

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