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Watch : Troy Deeney says exactly what Arsenal Players should be ashamed about

Deeney, watford vs Arsenal

Frankly its quite heartbreaking to be writing about things like this but sadly such is the fate of Arsenal supporters and fans worldwide.

After having to digest an injury time defeat to the mighty Watford on a day in which had any other top team been in our place they would have for sure capitalized on the misfortunes of Liverpool, United and Chelsea, something that Arsenal almost every season everytime manage to do. Lose spectacularly to mid table teams when others drop points too.

Alas that is not all and after having to live with a defeat to Watford on such a crucial night we now also have to listen to Watford Captain slating our team about how we seemed to’lack a bit of cojones ‘.

Alas we are Arsenal, we lose to Watford on the same night when Manchester City our so called title rivals brutally hammer Stoke City for seven goals and then hear their Captain speak about us and our players in such a pleasing manner. Honestly the saddest part is that hes not even wrong.

Apparently when appearing as the substitute in the second half ,Troy Deeney entered the pitch fully intended on ‘whacking’ Arsenal players because he knew they wouldn’t stand up to him. Atleast that is what Deeney had to  say on Live television when being interviewed by Martin Keown.

Here is exactly what Troy Deeney said :

“I’m not one to tell Mr Wenger about himself,” he said. “But there’s a reason they lost and it wasn’t because of one penalty. “I have to watch what I say, but have a bit of cojones – a bit of nuts. “Whenever I play Arsenal I go up and think let me whack the first one and see who wants it. I come on today, jumped up with Mertesacker, I didn’t even have to jump actually, and nodded it down. The crowd then gets up, they see we have someone who can win it – and they (Arsenal) all backed off. “For me as a player, I just think happy days. If you are going to let me do my strength, you’re going to have a tough afternoon.”

Deeney then went on to speak about Ozil’s failed attempt in doubling our lead right before Watford were awarded the penalty saying : 

“I don’t think there are many elite teams who would have the chance that Ozil had and be so naive and nonchalant with it, with the finish. “Wrighty didn’t miss those, Thierry didn’t miss those, or Merse. “It starts from behind. If those players would have missed, the player behind them would have said, hey – you’ve got to finish that. “But he (Ozil) missed it and it was like, ah we’ll get another one. But this is the Premier League and everyone is catching up, you don’t get another one.”

Check out the full Interview of Troy Deeney Speaking to BT Sport here :

Moreover Martin Keown, interviewing Deeney and a former Arsenal defender well known and loved by us all around for his commitment on the field, said his “blood would be boiling” if he were a current player listening to Deeney’s comments.

We couldnt agree more Martin.




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