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Diogo Dalot Debut and Performance


Diogo Dalot made his Manchester United debut against BSC Young Boys in United’s very first Champions League fixture and helped the Red Devils get a good 3-0 victory.

The 19 years old defender joined Manchester United from Porto for a fee of £19m in summer transfer window. He was unable to feature in any of the Premier League’s fixtures due to his knee injury, but he made his highly awaited debut away from home in the Champions League, he played as the right-back, replacing Valencia.

Even though the Portuguese full-back did not convert any goals, his performance was spectacular. He was strong with the ball, alert of his surroundings and most importantly, he supplied quite a few crosses which were just extraordinary. He is quite sound, technically and defensively. Anyone who watched him play wouldn’t agree to the fact that it was his debut for the club.

Giving such a dazzling performance right after a knee injury shows that he’s quite a promising player. United manager Jose Mourinho was delighted by his performance and had once said that Dalot was the best full-back in his age group. After the match, he praised young full-back,

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]

“Diogo and Luke played very, very well

“Our danger came from both of them, they had fantastic movement, they had depth, they had crosses, they had assists, they were involved in the most dangerous actions and they defended also well. So both were very, very good.

“Luke is here for a few years, he is playing since the beginning of the season.

“And for Diogo, first match for the club after knee surgery, I think very good, solid performance, I think everybody could see the potential and everybody could see that he is a 19-year-old player who has more than 10 years to play for Manchester United.”

– Mourinho on Dalot debut[/perfectpullquote]

Even United Legends Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes had a take on him.

Scholes said on BT Sport that,

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“I think it was a good start for him, going forwards he looks fantastic. I think it was a great start for him.”

– Scholes on Dalot debut[/perfectpullquote]

Rio Ferdinand added to that saying,

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“He’s going to have tougher tests. Remember he only had eight games for Porto. It was a steady first game and he’s going to have a good future if he keeps on improving.”

– Ferdinand on Dalot debut[/perfectpullquote]

According to Jose Mourinho, Dalot won’t be starting off in United’s next fixture,

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“For a kid of 19-years-old, coming from another country and after an important injury and surgery is difficult enough. He doesn’t need to face more difficulties.”

– Mourinho on Dalot[/perfectpullquote]

It was a right call by Mourinho to let the next fixture slide for Dalot. Dalot has just recovered from an injury and stressing him would lead to something worse. It’s his first season at such a big club so it would a good call to take things slowly. As said earlier by Mourinho, Dalot has got 10 years ahead of him. He is certainly a right choice for the long run since he has all the required qualities for the perfect right back.

It seems like Dalot could be a good signing. He has a lot of potential and could prove to be a worthy replacement to Valencia. Time will tell, as the key to being the best player is about being consistent.

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